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Hand lettered and illustrated fandom artwork and T-Shirts.

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4.5 of 5 stars
by JulieSara written last month
came a month late and the stuff in it was not as cool as i'd hoped.
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Fun and interesting!
by Katrina written 3 months ago
I received my first box and I really enjoyed it. There is a lot in it! The only thing I would change is this; there are all these items from a book (maybe series) that I don't know and there is nothing in there telling me what it is! Based off the items I am highly interested in what it is....guess I will have to sluth it out based on the info that is there...
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Kind of confused
by Victoria written 3 months ago
I did not receive a tshirt, also the box I got was a book I have never heard of! Hopefully next month will be better!
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Cool Stuff
by Jamie written 4 months ago
I think this was interesting because it had cool lettering and prints that I will definitely frame and put on my bookshelves. But it definitely didn't seem like it was worth my money. I could have bought prints of things that I actually wanted for the same price and been happier. It is all beautifully done but I would rather specific items I want rather than taking a chance on things.
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Tiny tiny tiny
by Lacie written 4 months ago
Signed up thinking I'd get the beauty and the beast shirt but apparently not. I got another shirt (for a movie I've never seen) and it is TINY! I'm typically a medium and went up to a large and it looks like a small.
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by Hikari written 4 months ago
Absolutely obsessed with the Middle Earth box. Tengwar washi tape? Brilliant. I'm over the moon about the Shire Post mint coin and loved the eye of Sauron sticker. All my favorite quotes beautifully scripted on prints and bookmarks... Nerdy Post nails the fandom every month.
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Best subscription box ever
by ElizabethDe'Anne written 4 months ago
I subscribed to the Nerdy Tee and the Nerdy box and I received them both yesterday. I am so delighted and impressed - the tee shirt is soft and the art is lovely and emotional. My first Nerdy collection is all Tolkien inspired and I couldn't have asked for a better start. Also Nerdy Box customer service is the best!
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by Lise written 5 months ago
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Loved It!
by Mallory written 5 months ago
This is such a fabulous subscription! It is so obvious that Alexis puts her heart and soul into it and she truly delivered an amazing Disney box. I adored everything!
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Beautiful and Unique
by Kendra written 6 months ago
The items are gorgeous, well thought-out, and totally unique!
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