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4.5 of 5 stars
by Kimberly written 10 days ago
Received my first box - Narnia! Beautiful artwork, inspired design and typography. Loved everything!
Enter giveaway please
by MistyMoody written last year
I want to get this for my son ... But he's 15yrs old and I have no idea what too give him this year . Thank you, M.MOODY
by Amber written last year
Great subscription with wonderful art!
Excellent Customer Service
by Julie written last year
Over the past 2 years I have had at least 15 different bookish subscription boxes. Nerdy Post is my favorite! I had to get rid of my other subscriptions to save money but I couldn't bare to stop Nerdy Post. All the artwork is high quality and the themes are always fun. I've had two isses (my own mistake with my new address) and they were handled quickly. I've honestly never had better customer service. I recommend this box to all book lovers! And if you have an issue don't hesitate to contact them. They will get you squared away.
by JulieSara written last year
came a month late and the stuff in it was not as cool as i'd hoped.
Nerdy Post said...
last year
Thanks for leaving us feedback! All of our boxes ship out the 15th of the following month they were purchased. For example, any orders placed between October 1 and October 31 will be shipped out on November 15th. We now have this written several times on our site, and checkout pages so that there isn't any confusion. Thanks for trying one of our boxes, and we hope to have you try one again soon!
Fun and interesting!
by Katrina written last year
I received my first box and I really enjoyed it. There is a lot in it! The only thing I would change is this; there are all these items from a book (maybe series) that I don't know and there is nothing in there telling me what it is! Based off the items I am highly interested in what it is....guess I will have to sluth it out based on the info that is there...
Nerdy Post said...
last year
Thanks for leaving us feedback! There is an info card on the back of one of the mini prints that explains every item in the box, who designed it, and what the inspiration was. You must have missed it. In the future, don't hesitate to reach out and ask any questions about the box or the items. We are more than happy to help explain anything you didn't understand.
Kind of confused
by Victoria written last year
I did not receive a tshirt, also the box I got was a book I have never heard of! Hopefully next month will be better!
Nerdy Post said...
last year
Thanks for leaving us feedback! We are sorry for the confusion on the theme. Our new website has the current theme listed at the top of the page to help with any confusion. We actually have 3 different options: a box, a shirt, and a combo box. You must have ordered just the box instead of the combo. In the future, if you have any issues, please reach out so that we can make it right! We want all of our subscribers to be 100% happy!
Cool Stuff
by Jamie written last year
I think this was interesting because it had cool lettering and prints that I will definitely frame and put on my bookshelves. But it definitely didn't seem like it was worth my money. I could have bought prints of things that I actually wanted for the same price and been happier. It is all beautifully done but I would rather specific items I want rather than taking a chance on things.
Nerdy Post said...
last year
Thanks for leaving us feedback! We are actually adding a "spoilers" page to our site, so that customers can see exactly what they will be getting in the box BEFORE they purchase. We realize that some people don't want a surprise, and instead would like to see ahead of time. Hopefully you will give us a try again soon!
Tiny tiny tiny
by Lacie written last year
Signed up thinking I'd get the beauty and the beast shirt but apparently not. I got another shirt (for a movie I've never seen) and it is TINY! I'm typically a medium and went up to a large and it looks like a small.
Nerdy Post said...
last year
Thanks for leaving us feedback! We are sorry for the confusion on the theme. We have updated our website to now show the theme at the top of every page to help with any confusion. In the future, if you ever have an issue with size, shipping, etc, please reach out to us and let us make it right. We pride ourselves on having the best customer service around and want every one of our subscribers to be happy with their purchase!
by Hikari written last year
Absolutely obsessed with the Middle Earth box. Tengwar washi tape? Brilliant. I'm over the moon about the Shire Post mint coin and loved the eye of Sauron sticker. All my favorite quotes beautifully scripted on prints and bookmarks... Nerdy Post nails the fandom every month.
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