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3.6 of 5 stars
by Melissa written 2 months ago
I received my first box which is suppose to be "Eco printing" but is little more then a bunch of cheap things you probably have around your house. $29.99 for what is literally a plastic jar, a few washers, few pieces of beige cloth, and a sprig of Eucalyptus plant. Don't like the box you get? Well you can purchase another one for $34.99 which is ridiculous. Oh but they offer you free shipping, like that's a good substitute. Please save your money and skip this one.
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No instructions
by Jimmy and Esther written 2 months ago
Box does not have any instructions, instructions are not on website.
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Terrible-box not meant for everyone
by Shelby written 3 months ago
This was the worst box to receive for my first shipment. Bee keeping?! How can this be suitable for every household? I do not live in an area where I can plant seeds and wait for flowers to bloom, then order bees to have buzzing around my apartment building... so disappointed. If I wasn't already charged for next month I would cancel!
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Love the tools and setup
by Julie written 4 months ago
I've had 2 deliveries so far and am eagerly looking forward to the 3rd. I even bough the lockpicking hobby as an individual purchase. I love that you can buy some of the previous months you missed. (I'm thinking about getting the astronomy one, too!) The March delivery was wire wrapping, it it came with an amazing toolkit in an easy to carry case. I want to show it off to people because of how cool and organized it is. With this and the previous hobby (Coptic book binding), I really feel prepared to start something.
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by Sara written 5 months ago
Just got my first hobby box. Very disappointed that you have to go online to find the instructions! I want to be able to learn a new hobby with my daughter without the need of technology! That's part of the allure to me- get away from the phones, tablets, etc... for a little bit!
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Great boxes-Top notch service!
by Emilee written 5 months ago
I ordered New Hobby Box for my fiancée this Christmas! We absolutely love the concept and the boxes we have received are FULL of fantastic finds. We ran into a snag with one of the boxes, so we emailed the contact on their website. It wasn't much later that we received a very kind reply. Following a couple more emails back and forth, everything was taken care of well beyond our satisfaction!! Thank you for such great care and concern for your customers! We will definitely be renewing our subscription when this one is up!
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5 star customer service
by Cam written 6 months ago
I unfortunately had to unsubscribe in the middle of a six month subscription. Emailed the address given on their site and was really impressed by how they handled the situation.... For this, I will resubscribe in the future.
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Make sure to use online tutorials
by KylieRandolph written last year
Each New Hobby Box has a tutorial and how-to guide on their website: - it's important to read through the entire blog before starting because it's full of tips about how to do certain hobbies and what to avoid!
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by Pamela written last year
It arrived a little late for me to use to decorate my tree so I might use it for next year.
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Christmas Ornament Box- Careful!
by Jennifer written last year
I ordered this as a gift for my boyfriend. The second box we received was a nice idea- diy marble paint christmas ornaments. There were no instructions providedin the box and no warnings about the paint. If you got this box, be careful with the paint. It's toxic! And make sure you use gloves and place the finished ornaments in paper cups only! We placed them in red plastic cups and the paint eroded through them, staining our coffee table.
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