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Have fun, get inspired, and get crafty with this quarterly coaching workshop in a box!

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  • We ship quarterly on the following dates: - July 15th - October 15th - January 15th - April 15th
  • Ships worldwide from United States
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Not-So-Ordinary: Workshop in a Box
Everything you need to enjoy a creative coaching workshop at home! Beautiful craft supplies, fun surprises, and video guidance with life coach, Savannah McKenzie, are all included. What makes it not-so-ordinary? It's like if paint night, life coaching, and letters from your sticker-loving pen pal had a baby. There's nothing else like it!
  • A full workshop experience complete with instructions, supplies, and surprises.
  • Curated art and craft supplies and stationary to help with your creative process.
  • Access to exclusive videos (and potential worksheets) from a certified life coach.
  • Added surprises just for you (Each box is a little bit different).
  • Form, function, and fun in a box!

Sneak Peek

Photo of undefined current box Meditative Art and Managing Anxiety: Fall 2020

Meditative Art and Managing Anxiety: Fall 2020

Feeling anxious? You aren't alone. This year's been a rough one! This box is devoted to giving you an evening to soothe your nerves and zen out. But, this is much more than a simple self-care night. You will also learn awareness and anxiety management techniques that you can apply to your everyday life. Enjoy zen coloring, one-of-a-kind guided meditation, and exercises to alleviate stress from a trained life coach in this peaceful, comforting, and creative box.

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Q: If I order now do I receive the summer box?Asked by Ilene K., July 2020

Not-So-Ordinary Workshops answered...July 2020

Hello Ilene, thank you so much for your question.

The box currently listed is our summer box which just ended, but is now available to purchase in a one-time capacity on Etsy. You can now purchase all archived boxes on Etsy in the WorkshopsInABox store. (Coming soon to Cratejoy.)

Details on our fall box will be posted soon, so please keep your eyes peeled!

Thank you for your question. Happy creating!

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3 reviews

Workshop in a box 💕 📦

Jul 12, 2020
Madelyn H.
1 Review

I really enjoyed receiving this box. Before the pandemic Savannah held workshops in my area. I really liked going to the workshops. It let my creative juices flow, and helped me learn more about myself.

When I received my first box I really loved the packaging, and all of goodies inside. It was unique and very aesthetically pleasing. I got pink and purple which are two of my favorite colors! 🤗 Savannah also included videos that go along with the subscription. They walked through the entire process.

Overall it was a very cool box, and I think that it is just like going to one of her workshops. I really enjoyed it, because I could do it on my own time, and in the comfort of my own apartment. That really allowed me to relax and put my all into my masterpiece.

Not-So-Ordinary Workshops said...Aug 26, 2020

Thank you, Madelyn!

As much as I miss seeing your lovely face for in-person workshops, it is so great to get to continue the creative coaching process this way. Thank you for your continued support of Not-So-Ordinary Workshops, and your kind feedback!


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Jul 10, 2020
Katherine M.
1 Review

I loved receiving this box. It provided so many delightful avenues and interesting opportunities for creativity and self-reflection.

It allowed me to artistically externalize my inner vision in ways that serve as potent tools and touchstones for me now.

Not-So-Ordinary Workshops said...Aug 26, 2020

Thank you, Katherine!

I'm so happy you were able to express yourself visually with our Vision and Values workshop. I love the creativity you utilized on your board and can't wait to see your future projects!

Thank you so much for your feedback and continued support,


Need a reset?

Jul 10, 2020
Elise P.
1 Review

The curator of this box holds workshops in my area when there isn't a pandemic going on. I was able to go to one and was super excited when she announced that in 2020 she was going to have a series of workshops throughout the year.

Then COVID hit and events were canceled so when I saw that she switched her model to a box mailed to your door I was all in!

It came to my door wrapped like a gift from a dear friend with all the required materials present. The online videos were easy to access and I appreciated the fact that I could take as long as I wanted to complete my vision board without the time constraints of a workshop as well as pause, and rewind as needed.

My goal for my box was to reset my focus, during the pandemic I felt a little lost as I am sure we all did. This box was the perfect thing to help me figure out some long term and short term goals and which direction in life I wanted to go. I was in the middle of ending my BA and starting my MA during this, looking for a home, and working on some behavioral, spiritual, and emotional aspects of my life so this helped me untangle my thoughts and get organized.

I plan on gifting this and subscribing! I highly recommend it!

Not-So-Ordinary Workshops said...Aug 26, 2020

Thank you, Elise!

I'm so glad you felt that the video formatting and ability to take time aided in your creative process. I think we've all felt a little lost lately and that's the best time for self-care and introspection. I hope this process has provided some clarity for you. It sounds like you've been busy building a very full life!

Thank you so much for your continued support and feedback!


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