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Self-care and soul nourishment

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Notúre Self-care made simple
The self-care enthusiasts at Notúre are all about helping busy women simplify. We take the time and guesswork out of finding the very best self-care products and unique gifts for you. We lovingly curate our boxes for your ultimate 'me time' experience and deliver them right to your door every month. That way you can't forget to take care of you!
  • Natural and/or organic products
  • Every product personally tested & loved by the Founders
  • 3-5 products thoughtfully selected & based on a one-word monthly theme
  • Boxes may include: bath/body accessories, candles, books, jewelry, inspirational messages, chocolates, journals and much more
  • Product guide to help you get the maximum benefit out of the items in your box

Subscriber Reviews

True gift for body, mind, spirit & soul

by Barbara, Jun 12, 2017

One of the many things I loved about the box I received from noture was that I didn’t have to go shopping for it. The goodies inside were a delicious experience that took me from the stress of my everyday life to a place of peace and quiet in a very busy world. The products stimulated more than one of my senses at a time, which makes noture unique. For example, the lipgloss not only looked totally great on me (and I don't usually wear lipgloss), also contained the aroma of peppermint so it encouraged me to breathe deeply while simultaneously feeling a delightful tingling sensation on my lips. It's a true keeper! The candle that also served as hand lotion was amazing and a fun, unique experience. There were many other products in my box that gave me the pause that I needed in my day to re-group and take care of myself, even if it was just for a minute. I highly recommend Noture to anyone who has a busy life and still has self-care as a priority.

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Self-pampering luxury made easy!

by LoreRaymond, Jun 12, 2017

I've been a forever fan of self-pampering forever and have introduced friends and family to many experiences like massage and products over the years. However, Noture's dynamic co-founders, Colleen and Gina, have a keen intuitive sense for what would delight anyone when they open up the box. Everything --from the lip balm to the bamboo washcloth to the candle and more-- was a surprise that I've so ENJOYED!

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Brilliance in a Box!

by JudyMcNutt, May 25, 2017

Delight and amazement, my senses awakened as I opened the beautiful packaging and explored the contents of my Noture Box. "No way!" I said aloud as I read about the candle as a moisturizer! A warm moisturizer in the guise of glowing, fragrant light. WOW! For a moment I was transported back in time to my childhood, only now I have good reason to dip a finger into the melting pool of wax... it's not wax! I lit the candle right away and enjoyed unwrapping the soap, wooden dish, soft white facial cloth tied with a delicate pink satin ribbon. Lip moisture glided on in a glistening rose tint that made me feel pampered, beautiful. The first of many glorious afternoons to come, brilliance in a box!

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