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A New Moon Subscription Box

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4.6 of 5 stars
by Bette written last month
Thank you Nova Luna as my October box arrived today. We are unpacked and charging! Let me say, the contents are perfectly packaged with purpose and blessings. Feeling groovy! I'm wearing the Moonstone charm necklace now. I'm a Moon child. I am so HAPPY!
Almost good...
by Roxanne written 2 months ago
I just received my first box for the month on September and I do love everything that i got, however I do think it is over priced for the amount/quality of items I received... I am also subscribed to moonbox by Gaia and their box is a few dollars cheaper but the items I received seemed fair enough for the price... im looking forward to the next month.
Love the concept but overpriced
by Lindsey written 2 months ago
I have subscribed to four boxes now (June - Sept 2017). I fell in love the concept of this box -- I'm a tarot reader who adores rituals, especially a lunar based one with crystals. However, as much as I love the idea, the contents of the box come up short for the price point. The price list seems to inflate the cost of many products over what appears they should reasonably cost. For instance, the very small lapis lazuli stone I received was listed for $6 when my (rather small) local metaphysical store carries larger stones for $2 each. The themes feel a bit hit or miss for me but overall I felt that I could probably purchase each product myself for less than half the cost of the box. The creator definitely puts nice thought into the creation and presentation of the rituals, which I do truly appreciate. All that said, i you're really attracted to the concept and the element of surprise this box provides, this might be a better fit for you than it was for me!
by Lisa written 5 months ago
Just received the June box, this is one of the best subscriptions I've tried!! I will be ordering again!
First mini crate
by devon written 5 months ago
got my 1st box today and loved it. the bracelet was beautiful and the wax tart smelled wonderful. would be nice if i could continue the subscription but is just a bit too pricey for me to receive every month.
In love!
by Marilyn written 6 months ago
I just received my first box and it was simply beautiful loved every single item. This box is a keeper. I can tell it was made with thoughtful details.
Sweet Box
by Jolynn written 6 months ago
I received my first box for May. It came with a beautiful candle, a flower press, a glass locket necklace and 2 gemstones. The items are good quality and the notes that came with the box were a nice added touch and helpful.
by Sara written 9 months ago
Just received my first box and I love ever item! Beautiful package and well thought out!!