Num-Nums Munch Box

An allergy friendly snack subscription box.

Plans as low as $8.99 $8.99 / month

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4.6 of 5 stars
by Aspen written Aug 31, 2018
Wonderful service and great tasting snacks!
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We love NumNums Munch Box
by Hillary written Mar 02, 2018
We have been getting our Num Num Munch boxes for about 3 years. The excitement over the monthly box still hasn’t worn off. The biggest challenge we have is keeping our kid from eating everything in the box too quickly. We have discovered so many new favorite snack items through this subscription.
A little bored...
by Melanie written Feb 08, 2018
I ordered this box because my daughter is a Vegetarian and it is hard to keep a variety in her diet when it comes to snacks. We were hoping for unique items that we don't see in our local grocery store. The largest item was a small bag of Veggie chips in a brand that I see everywhere, including our local Walmart. The other treats were mostly dried fruit. We only ordered the small box, perhaps the bigger box has a better selection. It did ship quickly, we ordered several different crates at the same time and this one came first. I also received a follow-up email asking about our crate, so it seems customer service is good. Probably a better choice for those with allergies rather than Vegans.
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Thank you For The Food Ideas!
by Rebecca written Jan 20, 2018
I ordered two of these boxes, looking for foods I can give to my toddlers who have a variety of food allergies between them. As a parent of kids with allergies (including tree nuts), finding foods they can eat is an exhausting waste of time--especially since so many products are made in plants that process "tree nuts" (which couldn't be less specific when a child is only allergic to one or two varieties of tree nuts). So having someone else do the squinting at ingredient labels for me and sending a box to my door filled with things my kids can eat is wonderful. It's fun to try the different snacks--some we like, some we don't, but, again, I didn't have to spend an hour at the store searching for something safe for my kids to eat that they might also enjoy, so for each one we don't like, there's still a few we do, and that makes ALL the difference. Thank you SO much for making my life easier and saving some of my time for enjoying treats with my kids instead of searching for treats for my kids! I'm looking forward to the next box!
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Familiar and new
by Tamara written Dec 03, 2017
I received the big 8 allergen free box. My favorite was the Enjoy Life Carrot Cake bar and I'm not a fan of regular carrot cake! Single servings will go in my lunchbox. I haven't had the chance to discover if any of the brand's are sold locally except Enjoy Life.
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by Shannah written May 10, 2017
Great!! I thought I ordered the vegan box but actually did the peanut allergy box. BUT everything in the box (except one item) was vegan!
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by Hillary written Jul 04, 2015
I ordered my first Num-Nums Munch Box because I was running out of nut-free snack ideas to send to my daughter's preschool. We love our Num-Num snacks. Our box is always filled with snacks I have never seen when shopping at Whole Foods.
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