The HEFTY Plant! Box

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The Happy Plants! Box

Give your houseplants the gift of great products and the yummiest soil on the market! Your monthly box includes several of the following: specialty soils, plant care tools, care products, fertilizers, and more. We also include gifts for you, like plant-themed jewelry, bags, and home goods! Oh Happy Plants: because houseplant care should be easy!
  • The best potting mixes on the market
  • Exclusive plant-themed accessories and decor
  • Curated by a houseplant professional with 23 years of know-how

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Q: Does each “the Dirt box” come with 4 gallons of soil? And how are the types determined? Thanks!! Asked by Marisa M., April 2021

Oh Happy Plants! answered...April 2021

Hi Marisa!
They come with up to 4 gallons - we put a combination of things, so either 2 two gallon bags or a 2 gallon bag and several of our 'generous quart' bags. And we pick sizes/types based on what was in previous boxes (so we don't repeat things too often), sizes based on the plants the soils are for (we're not going to give you 2 gallons of maidenhair fern soil, but 2 gallons for a dracaena is handy), and we always include one or more of our most popular blends.


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