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Creating a unique reading experience every month by bringing books TO LIFE!
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A unique, interactive reading experience!

This is a reading experience like no other! Welcome to Once Upon a Book Club, the interactive and unique monthly book subscription! Each month, you'll receive a newly released book and 3-5 wrapped gifts that are labeled with page numbers. As you read, you'll be directed to open the gifts at the most important moments to bring the book to life!

  • Adult Box: For ages 18+, includes 1 Adult fiction book, 3 to 5 wrapped gifts, a 5x7 quote print, discussion questions and read-a-long dates for live discussion, and gift opening with fellow readers
  • All individually wrapped gifts are labeled with page numbers, not to be opened until that particular page

Customer Questions (37)


Q: Do you think you will ever do these pointed more towards men or gender neutral themes? My husband would love something like this. More scifi or horror or historical fiction that is not femanine.Asked by Shanellroberson, July 2020

Once Upon a Book Club answered...July 2020

Hi there! We are a female-owned and operated company so our boxes are curated to what we know and love. We currently don't have plans to offer gender-neutral or male-oriented adult or young adult boxes, however our upcoming middle grade boxes (ages 7-13) will be gender-neutral and perfect for young readers of all ages!


Q: Are the "gifts" actually usable items, or are they just story related trinkets??Asked by Heather C., March 2020

They've done a lot of different items including household stuff, kitchenwares, accessories, purses, jewelry, and recreated historical artifacts. You can see their past box archive on their main website and see all the gifts they've done in the past.

by Logan L., March 2020


Q: Are the books always some type of romance or love story?Asked by Trish O., May 2019

Book genres range each month, though the only time we've included a specific romance book is in our Valentine's Day box! Most other month's we've included mystery, historical fiction, contemporary fiction, and magical realism in our adult box, while young adult is a bit broader, featuring fantasy, sci-fi, contemporary, mystery, and more!

by Logan L., May 2019

It main genre isn't romance but there may be a love interest or romance within the books. The adults box is usually historical fiction, contemporary, magical realism and thriller-like book. YA box are broader like Logan said. Mystery, Sci-Fi, Contemporary, Fantasy, etc.

by Donna W., June 2019


Q: How do I subscribe to the Young Adult version of this club? Can’t find it in the young adult category.Asked by Paula R., November 2020

No answers yet! Be the first to help by adding an answer below.

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Over All OUATBkClub

May 27, 2020
Verified Purchase
Margaret O.
1 Review
3 Pictures
12 Helpful
Subscribed for 11 months

I’m 64 and my daughter convinced me to join. She gets YA and I get Adult, then we switch the books. We have our own mother/daughter book review and a journal we write it. Because of OUATBkC I have read more, different genres I never would have chosen for myself; that because of you, I found totally inspiring. During this stay at home time; regardless of shipping delays, I’m reading more. Discussing more with my daughter (whose 29) and keeping ahead of her in our reading goal for the year. Thank you for a great program, great gifts...oh if they are not for this old lady they go to my daughter! Lol thank you for something new, something bright and a wonderful adventure each box!!

Amazing Once Upon a Book Club

May 27, 2020
Verified Purchase
Mitzi V.
1 Review
1 Picture
9 Helpful
Subscribed for 2 years

I love Once Upon a Book Club boxes. Each month offers a well-written book with a collection of gifts that bring the words on the pages to life. My collection is growing and I have not disliked one of the books. The stories range in topics so the reader will not get bored month after month. I even had to purchased new book shelves. I love the boxes!

The most wonderful gift!

Feb 26, 2019
Michele D.
37 Reviews
53 Pictures
59 Helpful

I cannot say enough good things about this. I received the first box of a subscription that was gifted to me by my mother. It was a wonderful surprise... packaged in an adorable box on the outside, with lovely boxed gifts and a book inside. The book I got is SO good I am finding it very hard to put down. And the excited anticipation of opening a gift at a specified time is thrilling. I have opened two of my 4 gifts so far and the immersion in the story makes them that much more of a treasure. This has to be one of the best gifts I have ever received. As if this were not enough, the customer service is FANTASTIC!

Such a fun and immersive experience! !

May 19, 2021
Rebecca J.
1 Review
3 Pictures

If you love to read and love surprises, this is the best box! In each box, you get several gifts, a book mark, book, guide and quote card. Sometimes there are also other surprises like: autographs, digital gifts or stickers. You are alerted to open a gift with a sticky note on the appropriate corresponding page.
This is such a great idea, especially if you are reading along with a family member (I read most of mine with my son).
You also can choose between adult and young adult boxes.
Pics are from 3 different, random, recent boxes

Unprofessional On Facebook

Jan 23, 2019
Verified Purchase
Jamie H.
2 Reviews
25 Helpful
Subscribed for 1 month

I am highly disappointed in how unprofessional they were on the facebook business page. Instead of addressing the concern, they turned off the comments after stating that they only want positive comments on that page. That is sad considering any business should welcome honest feedback and address the issue in a respectful manner. I have unsubscribed and will NEVER go back. Disrespectful and rude-

Once Upon a Book Club said...Jan 24, 2019

Hi Jamie! I am so sorry if you felt that we were disrespectful or rude in our Facebook group. We are always accepting and open to all feedback anyone has regarding our boxes, however, we do ask that negative feedback not be posted on our social media publicly and instead is messaged to us privately either via email or private message on Facebook to our business page so we can best resolve the situation! I sincerely apologize if you felt that we were rude or disrespectful in anyway, and truly do appreciate your feedback regarding our boxes.

Just ok, not worth the price.

Mar 06, 2017
Verified Purchase
Amy S.
1 Review
23 Helpful
Subscribed for 5 months

I purchased a 3 month subscription because I was just so excited by the concept of this box. After receiving 3 boxes now, all I can say is it is a huge disappointment. The books themselves are ok, I have read all 3 but none of them were anything that really grabbed me. The included items are often cheap/poorly made or things that I would never use (cheap costume jewelry, an old fashioned nurses apron and a pack of trident gum) . I really wanted to like this box, but it just didn't meet my expectations.

Very fun

Jul 26, 2021
Verified Purchase
Renee K.
12 Reviews
6 Pictures
1 Helpful
Subscribed for 27 days

When I got my OUAB box I had several books that I needed to read so it took me a few weeks to get to started. I’m sure by now that everyone has already opened their box which is why I’m comfortable sharing the photo of my opened surprises. It really was a lot of fun to get stuff that tied in with the story.
I recommend this box.

Brings the Book to Life

May 18, 2021
Verified Purchase
Monique B.
2 Reviews
4 Pictures
Subscribed for 7 months

OUABC is such a fun subscription box because they really bring the stories to life. As you’re reading, you’ll find post it’s in the book referring to a gift to open. The gifts truly bring the story to life and perfectly match what’s happening in the story. For example-the main character might have gotten a bracelet from her best friend in the story. And then you get that bracelet as a gift! It’s so fun because it’s an immersive experience.

March YA box

May 26, 2020
Samantha R.
2 Reviews
1 Picture
2 Helpful

I finally splurged on the March YA box and I absolutely loved it. It's such a thrilling experience to open gifts that are relevant to the story!


Dec 21, 2016
Verified Purchase
Cindy C.
1 Review
19 Helpful
Subscribed for 6 months

The idea is great. When you reach a certain number of pages, you open a gift that is related to the novel. However, it's poorly executed. The gifts are lame!! In the November box, I received a pack of gum and an instagram photo of the " character" in the novel. The rest of the other gifts were not any better. Will not be renewing unless the gifts got better.

Photos from reviews of Once Upon a Book Club Box (Adult Edition)

Past boxes from Once Upon a Book Club Box (Adult Edition)

"Love and Music" Adult Box

"Love and Music" Adult Box

A beautiful, poetic, genuine, bittersweet story about the exhilarating journey of a love song which saves people’s souls and gives them a real reason to move on and see the magical beauty of life. ​With heart-wrenching emotion, this novel explores what it means to be lost, what it means to be found, and the power of music to bring people together. On sale now through December 14th and shipping at the end of December!

"From the Pages of History" Box

"From the Pages of History" Box

An utterly amazing story of great courage, love and endurance. A true masterpiece. A hauntingly beautiful and tragic novel based on a true story, this tale by an award-winning author is incredibly well-researched as it tells a story rarely told in historical fiction. ​On sale now through January 14th (or until we sell out), this box will not be one to miss! This box will ship at the end of January.

"The Snowbound Mystery" Box

"The Snowbound Mystery" Box

​In this propulsive locked-room thriller debut, a reunion weekend in the French Alps turns deadly when five friends discover that someone has deliberately stranded them at their remote mountaintop resort during a snowstorm. Perfect for fans of Ruth Ware, this former competitive snowboarders' debut novel is the perfect winter whodunit to curl up with in front of the fire - best with all the lights on and the doors locked!

"The Secret Poison Shop" Box

"The Secret Poison Shop" Box

​Rule #1: The poison must never be used to harm another woman. Past and present are beautifully interwoven in this dramatic historical fiction that hosts a sprinkling of magic and mystery; a true gem--a thoroughly original, page-turning blend of historical and women's fiction. ​On sale now through March 14th (or until we sell out), this box will not be one to miss! This box will ship at the end of March.

"Oh Darling, Let's Be Adventurers" Box

"Oh Darling, Let's Be Adventurers" Box

Beach Read combined with Eat Pray Love, this novel will take you on an unexpected adventure to paradise. A triumphant debut novel that is filled with humor, loss, love, and moments that will have you reaching for the tissues, this is a phenomenal tale of empowerment and finding yourself that was absolutely one of our favorite books of the year! On sale now through April 14th (or until we sell out), this box will not be one to miss! This box will ship at the end of April.

"You May Say I'm a Dreamer" Box

"You May Say I'm a Dreamer" Box

Can you love someone you don’t remember? Thought-provoking and emotionally resonant, this is a novel that will make you consider the haunting reality of love and loss, and the indelible marks they leave behind. A fast-paced, well-written, smart and sexy novel that has the intelligence and heartbreak of love in a surveillance state as many beloved classics. On sale now through June 14th. Boxes ship at the end of June.

"Catherine Dior, French-Resistance Spy" Box

"Catherine Dior, French-Resistance Spy" Box

Set in the thick of the Paris Resistance movement during WWII, this exciting novel tells of the deep involvement of Catherine Dior and two young women who risked their lives to support her efforts. Filled with mystery, intrigue, suspense, romance, and stunning details outlining the history of these incredible women, this box is one we cannot wait to share with you! On sale now through July 14th. Set to ship at the end of July.

"Body Positive" Box

"Body Positive" Box

Featuring a gorgeous retelling of Cinderella with a splash of The Bachelor, this Rom-Com focuses on body positivity and self-love! On sale until August 14th.

"Dig Here" Box

"Dig Here" Box

A cold case, an abandoned mansion, family trauma and dark secrets lie at the heart of a renowned author's remarkable new novel as she is featured for the second time in Once Upon a Book Club's adult box. On sale now through September 14th.

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