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Once Upon a Book Club

Creating a unique reading experience every month!

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  • All orders placed before the 14th of the month will ship the 17th-20th of the current month. All orders placed after the 14th will ship the 17th-20th of the following month. (i.e. Signing up by December 14th, your box will ship December 17th-20th. Signing up on/after December 15th, your box will ship January 17th-20th.)
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A unique, interactive reading experience!
This is a reading experience like no other! Welcome to Once Upon a Book Club, the interactive and unique monthly book subscription! Each month, you'll receive a newly released book and 3-5 wrapped gifts that are labeled with page numbers. As you read, you'll be directed to open the gifts at the most important moments to bring the book to life!
  • Young Adult Box: For ages 14+, includes 1 YA fiction book, 3 to 5 wrapped gifts, a 5x7 quote print, discussion questions and read-a-long dates for live discussion, and gift opening with fellow readers
  • Adult Box: For ages 18+, includes 1 Adult fiction book, 3 to 5 wrapped gifts, a 5x7 quote print, discussion questions and read-a-long dates for live discussion, and gift opening with fellow readers
  • All individually wrapped gifts are labeled with page numbers, not to be opened until that particular page



Q: Are the books always some type of romance or love story?Asked by Trish O., May 2019

Book genres range each month, though the only time we've included a specific romance book is in our Valentine's Day box! Most other month's we've included mystery, historical fiction, contemporary fiction, and magical realism in our adult box, while young adult is a bit broader, featuring fantasy, sci-fi, contemporary, mystery, and more!

by Logan L., May 2019

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The most wonderful gift!

by Michele D., Feb 26, 2019

I cannot say enough good things about this. I received the first box of a subscription that was gifted to me by my mother. It was a wonderful surprise... packaged in an adorable box on the outside, with lovely boxed gifts and a book inside. The book I got is SO good I am finding it very hard to put down. And the excited anticipation of opening a gift at a specified time is thrilling. I have opened two of my 4 gifts so far and the immersion in the story makes them that much more of a treasure. This has to be one of the best gifts I have ever received. As if this were not enough, the customer service is FANTASTIC!

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Pleasantly surprised

by Sarah V., May 01, 2019

I have enjoyed every one of these boxes. The books have been great and one was even already on my TO READ book list. I love the little gifts as well. Most of them have been something I will use and the ones that aren't I have been passing along when I pass the book along. I have been telling everyone about this box. I LOVE receiving it every month.

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Immersive Experience

by Denise D., Feb 28, 2019

I have had two boxes now and LOVE this subscription. I love to read and was worried the books would not be to my taste. I am so very glad I took a chance on this box.

The books alone are excellent picks. New authors for me, but definitely ones I will continue to follow.

This box is so much more than just the book. Every item was clearly well thought out and are of excellent quality. Practical and useful. Fun and special treats. Each are made even more valuable by how they immerse you in the storyline.

I wish I could get a new box every week! I highly recommend it. Make sure you check out the FB community, too. All kinds of perks with this box. Try it out.

Make sure when you subscribe you pay attention to billing/shipping dates so you understand. I think that is what gets many people frustrated about subscription boxes.

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A must have for all readers!

by Cheryl C., 6 days ago

I received the March box and I fell in love! The book was the Accidental Beauty Queen and it was the first book I have read in a long time that actually made me laugh out loud. It was such a fun read and the surprise gifts along the way made the reading experience so much better. Everything was so beautifully curated and perfect. I can’t wait for my next box to arrive. If you love to read, this subscription box is a sure win!

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Fun to try

by Danielle W., Apr 17, 2019

I subscribed for two months (adult) to get a good idea of what this box was like. Shipping was fast and I received the boxes perfectly with no problems. The packaging is very nice and I like the thought put into it. It's a really great idea and really motivates you to finish the book. The two books I got were very nice. The meet n greet with the author is a really nice touch and I enjoyed that a lot. Not a lot of people seem to participate in the discussion questions which is a bit disappointing and for the first box the company didn't post 3/5 of the questions on Facebook for discussion. All questions were listed on Instagram though. I was looking forward to the book club part so it's a bit disappointing that there wasn't a bit more effort on that. There seemed to be more of a response for questions on Facebook. The gifts were wrapped very nicely and some of them were pretty nice, but they're definitely more on the feminine side and not necessarily practical items which is fine for some. The items seemed OK quality, but not exceptional and some were a little underwhelming (50ml bottle of unscented moisturizer). I plan to give away 2/3 gifts from the second box. Overall, it was a fun experience that I'm glad I tried and it's a great idea, but not a box I will likely order again but that's me. I tend to look...

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The best

by Joanie B., Apr 07, 2019

This box is just so much fun! First you get the fun of receiving a subscription box but then you keep having fun everytime you settle down to read cuz you get to open great beautiful wrapped gifts eveyrtime you reach a special spot in the book. I think im a subscriber for life haha.

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Great Books with wonderful surprises....

by Suzanne P., Apr 01, 2019

I love the interesting books that I have received, but what made this box much more interesting to me, was the little gifts that come with the book. They are so fun!

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Got my first box.

by Beverly M., Mar 28, 2019

I loved the story. The gifts were so fun. I was sad when the book ended.

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Excellent gift idea

by Caitlin L., Feb 28, 2019

I bought this as a Christmas present for my sister and she loved it. She was excited every month when it arrived. It was well done and worth the price!
They are also exceptional at customer service, I would highly recommend this box.

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Very nice

by Saraya L., Feb 28, 2019

I have only gotten to the first gift so far in the adult book box but it was awesome.

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