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Subscription wouldn’t cancel

by Angela G., Oct 26, 2018

First of all, we loved the subscription! I ordered a three month subscription for my daughter for her birthday but it wouldn’t cancel after MULTIPLE times of me checking and verifying a cancellation. It kept reverting back for some reason. I don’t know if this is a Cratejoy issue or Once upon a Book Clubs. What I do know is I now have a total of $86.98 of unauthorized charges. I was planning to do another three month subscription for her for Christmas but I’m SO upset over this.

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Good book, but no.

by Mary M., Aug 04, 2018

Loved the book choice, but wasn’t a fan of some of the extras included. Included a wine opener set (already had one because most adults do), a little tea bag and ceramic tea bag plate (wasn’t sure what it was for, but did like this one because it was cute), what looked like a small binder with a weird clip that was damaged (again, no explanation as to what it was for), and a letter that went with the story, but I struggled to read it due to the light print (plus it was verbatim what was written in the book, so unnecessary). I’m going to cancel my subscription because I didn’t feel like the extras included were worth what I was paying for the subscription box and I have a bookstore in town if I want to buy myself a new book.

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Great idea, mediocre execution

by Kevin W., Oct 22, 2017

I have done 4 of these boxes, and each time I ended up hoping that the next time would be better. It never was. I have enjoyed the book selections, but the gifts...not so much. Which in the end makes it a VERY expensive paperback...approaching $50.00 when factor in shipping. I appreciate the thought that went into the gifts and the presentation, but the gifts are mostly very cheap stuff, like obviously made in China quality, and of the four boxes there is exactly one gift that I liked enough to keep. It does add to the reading experience, and makes it exciting, but ultimately I end up feeling let down. I just wish that the gifts could follow the story AND be something that I would actually use.

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