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All-natural gourmet 1pt infusions keep the flavor crafty and the cocktail simple.
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One Part Co. Infused Cocktail Subscriptions

Sick of complicated recipes and silly ingredients that leave your cupboard full and your glass half empty? 1pt's Infused Cocktail Box delivers 2 specially selected all-natural, gourmet 1pt rapid infusion blends (makes 24 cocktails) and 6 simple 3-part cocktail recipes that you can easily make at home with what you already have in your kitchen.

  • 15 different all-natural infusion blends add small batch flavor to any spirit within 2-6 hours
  • 1pt blends are made from finest herbs, spices, florals, botanicals, and teas - no sugar!
  • 1pt infusions are fast (2-6 hours), so infuse at lunch and have cocktails ready for dinner
  • Simple 3- to 4-part cocktail recipes that draw from normal kitchen staple mixers
  • Each box contains 2 infusion blends and makes 24 cocktails (12 cocktails per blend)

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Photo of 1pt Monthly Infused Cocktail Box current box Infused Cocktail Box ~ April

Infused Cocktail Box ~ April

If April showers bring May flowers, then this is a month for muddling through. So, we've included a few muddled cocktails to fit the theme :) This month, our lemon-y Citrus Blend infuses cocktails like Ron Sour (a taste of Old Havana), Primavera (a lemon-strawberry marg), and Le Figaro (muddled fig). The Ginger Blend tees up Chance of Rain (a blackberry-muddled Dark&Stormy), Ginger Margarita (simply epic), and Just In Thyme (Ginger. Lemon. Martini). Cheers & Enjoy!

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Q: I see from another post that you can purchase the Infusion and 1pt bottle kit separately from Cratejoy but I can't see to find it anywhere on the site. Can you please point me in the right direction?Asked by Marti C., November 2020

1pt Cocktail Infusions answered...November 2020

To buy our Infusion Kit is go to this link - onepartco [dot] cratejoy [dot] com. To be clear, the [dot] notation is for actual dots. Sorry for the extra step! It will be worth it though - the Infusion Kit is a really nice added touch!


Q: Does the kit come with the infusion bottle and the 1pt bar bottle?Asked by Catherine D., December 2019

Our subscriptions include only the infusion blends and recipes we have selected for that box. The Infusion Kit and Bar Bottle Kit can be purchased separately on a one-time basis at a special discounted price with Cratejoy.

by Andrew H., December 2019

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Jun 21, 2020
Dee K.
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Very good to infuse flavor and make cocktails.

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Past boxes from 1pt Monthly Infused Cocktail Box

Infused Cocktail Box ~ May

Infused Cocktail Box ~ May

Cabin fever like never before! We are all eager to be out of the house and doing what we can to enjoy these lovely spring days with buds on the flowers and trees blooming by the moment. In this box, our Mint Blend offers a bit of mouth-tingling coolness to the Julep Spritz and 2 others. While our Floral Blend is a bang-on seasonal winner, forming the basis for beautifully botanical cocktails like our Garden Gimlet. All are simple cocktails you can easily make at home!

Infused Cocktail Box ~ June

Infused Cocktail Box ~ June

June is all about sunnier skies, warmer weather, and of course... DAD! In this box, our Chili Blend offers a bit of heat without full-on fire in cocktails like the Chili Park Ave West, Spicy Paloma, and Chili Salty Dog. While our Ginger Blend offers a root-peppery kick in cocktails like our Ginger Bee’s Knees, Ginger Sour (an all-time team favorite cocktail!), and the rum-based Pine & Ginger. As usual, all simple bar-worthy cocktails you can easily make at home. Cheers!

Infused Cocktail Box ~ July

Infused Cocktail Box ~ July

Happy 4th of July - and Happy Summer! We've got bbq-worthy drinks for the upcoming "dog days" to share! Included this month are the bright and refreshing Citrus Blend (for great summer sippers like the Seal Harbor G&T, White Cosmo, and the Hemingway-inspired Citrus Daiquiri) and the delightfully exotic White Sangria Blend (for punch-worthy White, Solstice, and Red/White/Blue Sangrias). So find some shade, mop your brow, and enjoy these bevvies that beat the heat!

Infused Cocktail Box ~ October

Infused Cocktail Box ~ October

Sweater-weather is here! It’s time to pick your pumpkins, and stock up on the great Fall cocktails we've got lined up. This month, we’ve included our Pumpkin Spice infusion blend for cocktails like Pumpkin Pie Manhattan, Autumn Fizz, and Pumpkin Spice Mule. Our Spiced Vanilla infusion blend helps you level-up on cocktails like Vanilla Blvd, Spiced Vanilla Mule, and the dessert-approved Postre Pequeño. No "BOOs" here - it's Cocktail Time!

Infused Cocktail Box ~ November

Infused Cocktail Box ~ November

Leaves are rustling, turkey is roasting, and fire-pits are in full swing. This month, we’ve included our Cinnamon infusion blend with its warming confectionery spice for cocktails like the Cinnamon Cider Punch, Cinnhattan, and Winter Margarita. We've also included our Smoky Blend for the Lord Grey, Lower East, and Manhattan Transfer. So relax and have a drink ~ the turkey has a few more hours to go.

Infused Cocktail Box ~ Holiday

Infused Cocktail Box ~ Holiday

The festive season is here and this year is drawing to a close. We’re including a BONUS INFUSION in this month’s box because you deserve it! Our Red/White Mulled Blends are an easy way to get those holiday aromas rolling into your glass with classic Swedish-glögg inspired Mulled Red and Mulled White cocktails as well as a sophisticated Midwinter Mimosa. Our BONUS Chocolate Blend tees up drinks like Silent Night, Chocolate Old Fashioned, and Sneaky Snowday. God Jul!

Infused Cocktail Box ~ January

Infused Cocktail Box ~ January

Happy New Year! This month, we go with a bit of a lighter approach to our cocktails after all the holiday heaviness. Our Mint infusion blend is a crisp base for cocktails like Spa Day Fizz, Mint Gimlet, and Raspberry Mint Muddle. Our Rossa infusion blend features refreshing deep citrus flavors alongside bright hibiscus for cocktails like Rossamary G&T, Rossa Daiquiri, and Rossa Americano. So, greet the new year with a smile... we’ll keep the cocktails coming!

Infused Cocktail Box ~ February

Infused Cocktail Box ~ February

No matter how you’re celebrating your LOVE of cocktails, we have a wider and more inclusive offering than ever before, including: Atlas Rose (exotic Marrakech-infused G&T), Love Shack (a Chocolate-infused tiki-tipple), Chili Salty Dog (a hot Chili-infused number), Rum & Roses (a hibiscus-rose-infused dream), Tipsy Valentine (Chocolate-covered strawberries anyone?), and Barrel Tequila Old Fashioned (a simple cocktail to fall in love with). Cheers & Enjoy! ~ XOXO 1pt ~

Infused Cocktail Box ~ March

Infused Cocktail Box ~ March

It’s not quite Spring, it’s not quite winter. So we’ve got some great shoulder season cocktail flavors this month, including our Lime Infusion Blend - Basil Fizz (a sweet-savory surprise), Emerald City (for a classy St Patty’s), and Spring Forward (refreshing as a trip to the spa); and our Barrel Infusion Blend - Barrel Mint Smash (a gentler julep), Barreling South (basically a Moscow Mule’s bourbon-loving cousin), and Oh Danny Boy (Beer. Cocktail.). Cheers & Enjoy!

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