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Handcrafted Cruelty Free + Vegan Beauty Box

$21.95+ / month

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4.4 of 5 stars
February box was awesome
by Sherrie written Mar 03, 2018
I just received my February box and it was filled with wonderful items, each item was very nice. The nail oil works really good and the Microderm peel made my skin very soft. Love the Rosy lip glow and the face oil too. The box was great
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Great Beauty Box
by Cheri written Feb 14, 2018
This was a terrific set for the price. Now that I have been introduced to Orglamix mascara, I will never use another brand! The eyeshadow is lovely. It's a beautiful shade and long lasting. The mask. This stuff is incredible. I have very sensitive skin that has a lot of flare ups and this is the only mask I've found that really helps. My skin looks clearer, brighter, and its softer! I'll admit, the smell isn't good, but I was able to look past this since it works.
by Sherrie written Jan 29, 2018
I give this service one star because the products are wonderful. I subscribed for 6 months, for a while all was good. Then my monthly subscription was renewed in December 2017--before I could cancel. It's the end of January and I haven't heard a word from these people---this was a good subscription but now, it is very bad. I feel like I am being ripped off
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Horrible shipping
by Lily written Jan 19, 2018
This gas been a train wreck so far. I've paid for four months, but only received two boxes. The first box took almost two months. The November boxes didn't actually ship until mid December. The December box arrived December 30th - just barely making it in the month. The products have been okay so far, nothing amazing. I hate mint and half the December box was mint. I really want to love it but haven't found any "wow" products yet and I hate feeling like I'm getting ripped off by paying for so much. Customer service is also not great; I get the picture that it's a one woman show which I really want to support but waiting a week to receive an email response isn't okay. I was hoping they'd get their act together but it's mid January and I still don't have a shipping email....
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by Arlayna written Sep 20, 2017
I loved all the sparkles and the lip gloss smelled amazing!
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Great healthy stuff
by Sherrie written May 14, 2017
These products are wonderful, using them I know I am using products that don't have hormones and Parabens and other products that cause health trouble. These products are so good I love them
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Years of Waiting for it
by AndaLutia written Apr 24, 2017
So I don't know if the transport is offered by Cratejoy or by Orglamix, but I have placed the order on the 20th of March and it is the 24th of April and it still has not ARRIVED! I've contacted the seller once to ask when it should arrive. The answer I got was: "Our boxes ship 7-10th of each month." Now I do understand that it doesn't ship when I pay, but first of all I asked when it ARRIVES, not when it is shipped. On the 13th of April I asked WHEN it arrives again and they sent me an email that was supposed to contain a tracking link, but didn't. I requested it, they finally gave it to me. They said the shipment usually takes from 7 to 10 days. It is the 24th. So it is incredibly late. And in the tracking link it still says that the status is "Picked Up" since the 13th. This, of course is outraging and pretty much ruins whatever will be in the box.
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Too expensive for me
by Laura written Mar 25, 2017
The items I received in my Orglamix box were fine. I'm certain many, many people would love what this box has to offer.The items were packaged nicely and arrived on time and completely intact. Smelled nice too. I, however, feel that $29.00 is just too much to pay for this box.
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Great products
by Sherrie written Mar 14, 2017
I love that they are all natural and organic. I love these products, they work great, they smell good and they are natural too
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leaves you soft
by Sherrie written Jan 13, 2017
I love the face wash, and the oil, when I use them together my face feels very soft. Does leave my face dry, or oily. I think the smell of the face wash is a little medicinal. But I do like it. Black Magic Sugar Scrub I LOVE. It leaves my skin so soft and smells really nice. Washes off easy too. I love the sponge also, works really good in the shower. These are all great products
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