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Wicca/Witchcraft subscription box that will include a variation of products for multiple topics.

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Mar 11, 2020
Tina A.
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Was very disappointed in the value of this box. I received No info card or Info on the contents of the box. I received a spell and 2 small cat candles that feel like they are made of soy wax, which is a very soft wax which is for jar candles, If you light these it could just turn to mush. 2 perfume oils and some parchment paper. Don't let me forget the candy bar. So I do not see where that value comes in. There are so many other witchy subscriptions around the same price, That you get so much more. I sent a message with no response. Maybe if the change a few things they could put a better box, Thank You Blessed Be

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Our Raven's Nest said...Mar 11, 2020

The specialty candles in this months box are a paraffin/soy blend that were handmade by another practitioner to allow the user to oil or tie tag locks within the wick as the wick is removable. Yes, they are softer than a pure paraffin candle on purpose but still hard enough that they can be carved. In selecting a candle we factored in the amount of time the working needed to be completed in and the ability to read the wax for future workings. On average each of the candle's in this kit can take approximately an hour or more to burn and pools so you can read the wax which can help you understand details for future workings that are needed or blockages for example....