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Mar 06, 2019
Julie B.
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This is one of the higher priced boxes on the site, and I expected more than just tiny samples. The items in the box were disrespectful to a new customer when you thought you were getting something you would be proud to have, and that would help develop your artistic skills. If I was starting a monthly crate company, I would make sure I wowed my customers with the first box.

I was kind of offended with what I received compared to the amount I paid. I got couple tablespoons of coffee that I am not sure would make a full pot, a cheap nail file, handful of Halloween candy, a straw, tiny low quality paintbrushes made for toddlers, tiny pencils, worthless smudging paper sticks that are so thin they collapse, tiny card stock, one micron pen, & one pencil that looked like it came from an art kit. Oh, and a sample of water colors on a business card that was just a sample paint chips and probably something free gotten from the person trying to sell them.

I expected full size supples, and the ability to make a nice piece of art that would be something I could take pride in. Especially with the box name. I got a handful of cheap samples. The box is ΒΌ size of the regular crate. My husband watched me open it and he was shocked as well. It is not...

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PaintNPartyGO! said...May 04, 2019

Julie, I apologize if my description was confusing, in that it gave you the impression we were sending full sized items, rather than smaller, travel sized items for this box. Each month and theme varies depending on the project; for example this month current customers received full sized tubes of paint for the particular project. I realize this was not what you expected. The PaintNPartyGO boxes are meant to be a mini-break from the week, and a little fun for a person to try a new project or medium. As a new company, yes, I am still learning to create fabulous boxes for my happy customers across the USA. I just did not accomplish my goal for you. I am deeply saddened with that fact....

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