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Jan 22, 2016
Diane A.
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You have no idea how wowed my husband and I are by your PalBox, the way it's packed, the special labels and every word and design on them. It's fabulous.

Tucked inside was a additional glorious surprise: the sterling Palestine necklace! It is absolutely GORGEOUS, elegant and beautifully made. I wore it with such joy yesterday to church and am so excited to wear it whenever going out a bit dressed up. I'm elated by it, it carries so many layers of meaning and love with it, resonating with my heart for Palestine.

It's wonderful how the arts open a path to reach someone in a new way. People will ask me "what does that say?"

The Arabic script also reminds me at the bottom of waves - the sea...and the upper, a boat...Gaza bound...Sea of Galilee...the ship's mast, a cross. All are part of the story of Palestine.

We rejoice in your creative work for justice for Palestine and sumud. You're an inspiration for all.

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