Panda Snack Box

A monthly mystery box filled with Korean snacks and goodies!

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Plans as low as $9.95 / month
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  • Orders placed before the 21st (midnight EST), will be shipped on the 30th of every month. Orders placed after the 21st will be shipped on the 30th of the following month. We ship from our U.S. Facility ! Delivery times will usually take 3 - 5 business day
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Panda Snack Box - Korea Snack Box
When you subscribe to Panda Snack Box, we'll send you a monthly surprise box of the most popular Korean snacks and goodies carefully selected by our team of expert snackers. Our boxes contains variety of drinks, chips, chocolates, drinks, and other korean goodies Our boxes are shipped directly from our U.S. facility to ensure quality preservation.



Q: Is the total cost $9.95, including shipping, or is shipping extra?Asked by Melissa H., October 2019

Panda Snack Box answered...October 2019

The price doesn’t include shipping, cratejoy calculate the shipping cost
and show it on the checkout page (shipping cost would vary depending on the
box and the state)



Q: Is it mostly sweets and would most of these appeal to the "American" palate? It looks really good from the pics!Asked by Melissa H., October 2019

Panda Snack Box answered...October 2019


Yes it is all sweets / snacks in the box.

Thank you

Panda Snack Box



Q: How many snacks does this box come with?Asked by Leesa J., August 2019

hi Lessa,

It really varies depend on the snacks (the mini box we try to put mix of minimum 9 including a coffee or tea type). Since our snack varies from one month to another so does the number so the small one can get up to 12 sometimes.

Medium Box varies as well has minimum of 17 and goes up to 20 (comes with various snacks usually bigger items) and so on.

The three boxes come in three sizes,...

by Mohammed K., August 2019

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2 reviews

My favorite snack box!

Nov 04, 2018
Joe C.
1 Review
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This snack box is incredible and has such a great variety of food. I brought it to my office and everyone loved it! Of course I kept a few of the snacks for myself! My coworkers also keep talking about how cool it was and how they loved the food. For only $25 this box is DEFINITELY worth it!

I can see this being a great gift or something fun and creative to bring to the office. I would even buy it again just to have at home. I love trying new foods and this box had 25+ foods I had never tried before!

This is my new favorite snack box for sure.

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Fun Adventure

Apr 09, 2019
Jusun P.
1 Review
2 Helpful Votes
Subscribed for 7 days

Really enjoyable fun snack box. I had fun open it with my family. My box came with korean coffee and tea which both were exciting for me to try with the snacks

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