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2.5 of 5 stars
Pice is too high
by Krisztina written last month
I gave 2 chance for the sticker subscription from Panduh, and the first one was quite okay. With shipping, it was really expensivefor only 5 sheets of planner stickers - and I can't use nearly half of them in my planner, but the second time I received quite ugly planner stickers, with two small sheets of beautifully designed animal stickers. For me it didn'tworth it.
Horrible customer service and product
by Kim written last month
What I was sent I could have bought better at the dollar store. I have sent 3 emails asking to return the crap they sent me and refund my money. I have never received an email back from them.
Not worth it
by Harley written 3 months ago
I got the stickers for my girlfriend and she was very disappointed. The stickers are very cheap and not worth it.. u get better stickers at the dollar store . And loads more for the price you pay for these..
I love the stickers I to try!
by Melissa written 4 months ago
I love the stickers I get each month to try out! I also thinking of buying the box soon.
not very satisfied
by ChantelLaPere written 5 months ago
The stickers were fine and I know its only 12 dollars and change but I was shocked at what I got. Stickers in a folder that I could probably get at the dollar store for 4 dollars. I was not happy and cancelled my subscription. Maybe raise your price and add more if that is the case but that was not exciting at all.
by Sherrie written 6 months ago
Love this box, filled with all kinds of goodies and surprises, love getting this in the mail. Fun new pen, fun and pretty sticky notes, fun summer time stickers, what a great subscription box this is! Look forward to receiving this each month
Love it
by Sherrie written 7 months ago
I love receiving this box every month. It is so pretty when it arrives, and the stuff inside is awesome. Motivates me to use my planner and to send cards to family and friends, just to remind them how important they are to me. Love the stickers and the pens. It is awesome! Highly recommend this box
Not happy
by Sherrie written 10 months ago
I was disappointed, I got a little folder with a few stickers. I was hoping to get a box with planner stickers, pens, some different items, very expensive envelope (it was not a box)
by Sandra written 10 months ago
My granddaughter received her box today. She was very disappointed with the lack of content...not what she was expecting, and I feel this was a big waste of money! I will be cancelling my subscription.
Very UNDERwhelmed
by Leigh written 10 months ago
This was not what I was expecting at all. I thought I signed up for the planner box, but in reality, it was the sticker box. They were very average and something that even I could make. I was hoping for something that truly made me feel excited for the next box, this wasn't it. I already canceled my subscription.