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by Pastreez
Authentic Macarons subscription box. Gift French sweets to your loved ones.
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Exquisite handmade macarons to your door.

The macarons box is ideal to gift to your loved ones. Handmade by French chefs from Le Cordon Bleu Paris, Pastreez is based in California. The macarons ship fresh to your door wherever you are in the US. 12 x macarons included with new seasonal flavors monthly such as salted caramel, strawberry, mango, pumpkin, pistachio and much more.

  • 12 macarons (at least 6 different flavors)
  • Pay upfront. Shipping included.
  • Handmade by French chefs in California
  • Gluten free. Size 1.7in.

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Customer Questions (3)


Q: I really want to buys but it won't ship to where I live, would you consider shipping to Canada in the future?Asked by Bella, October 2020

Bonjour! We'd love to. But sadly for now we ship only in the United States. Sorry about that!
Anthony. French chef.

by Anthony R., January 2021


Q: Hi, are these dairy free as well?Asked by Alethea S., June 2020

Naturally Gluten free but not dairy free :)

by Anthony R., June 2020

Macarons are naturally gluten free. But not dairy free.

by Anthony R., June 2020


Q: your description shows 12 Macarons (At least 6 different flavors) but customer reviews show that their are only 2 different flavors in each box so which is it 2 flavors (6 of each flavor) or 6 flavorsAsked by Ashlei S., January 2020

Pastreez answered...January 2020

Thanks for your question. It is 6 flavors different monthly. Only for Christmas we developed two limited flavors. In this case it was only two flavors. The rest of the year it is 6 different flavors 👍
Anthony. French Chef.

Reviews (20)

Need help

Apr 23, 2021
Verified Purchase
Marjorie G.
1 Review
1 Helpful
Subscribed for 3 months

I ordered a 3 month gift subscription as a christmas present. First of all, let me say the product is delicious. Then, let me say that the 2nd box was "shipped" for two weeks before it was delivered. Now the 3rd box has never arrived. There has never been a confirmation email saying it was shipped. I tried contact Pastreez several weeks ago and received the reply that there had been a delay, please be patient, i should have received an email confirmation. i have been patient. There has never been an email confirmation. I really want to give this as a year long gift, but at this point I will just be SO happy if the 3rd box arrives. I am hoping that Pastreez will read this review and help me! Customer support or Customer Service or whatever it is called really needs to be a person and not a bot. thank you
PS. my 3 month order ran December, January, February or January, February, March. Either way, it is now April 23

Do not recommend

Apr 19, 2021
Verified Purchase
Jody P.
1 Review
1 Helpful
Subscribed for 2 months

I love sweets but wasn't impressed with the selection I received. They were quite small and I seemed to get several duplicate flavors in each delivery rather than all different flavors. The “key” included didn’t have all the flavors I received so I had no idea what they were supposed to be. They arrived somewhat stale but I still ate them. For the price paid, I would not recommend. Go to Whole Foods and pick out your own knowing they are fresh.

Pastreez said...Apr 19, 2021

Hello. Thank you for your feedback. I understand we can't be a good fit for anyone. But handmade macarons from French chefs are somewhat not comparable to supermarket goods that are made months ago and frozen. At Pastreez we ship only fresh macarons, traditionally made with our Parisian recipe. In addition, we have 15+ years of experience in the industry, with credits from Le Cordon Bleu Paris. Lastly, our macarons do not arrive stale. They ship fresh and are packaged to transit safe nationwide. Again, we're sorry it wasn't a good fit for you!

Best Macarons Ever !!

Aug 19, 2018
Verified Purchase
Karen J.
1 Review
3 Helpful
Subscribed for 30 days

Those macarons are like the ones in Paris. Colorful, Great Taste, and awesome customer service. We can feel it has been made by french chefs and fine ingredients Will def keep this Subscription going.

Sweet Treat

Aug 04, 2018
Verified Purchase
Lauren M.
1 Review
4 Helpful
Subscribed for 30 days

It shipped quickly and they were very fresh. I would have liked to receive a greater variety of flavors to sample, rather than just the two flavors (passion fruit and guava). I preferred the passion fruit for it's tangy flavor which contrasted the sweet macaron. I would order again as a gift or for a special occasion.

Aug 04, 2018
Verified Purchase
1 Review
4 Helpful
Subscribed for 30 days

These were absolutely disgusting! I had one bite and the only flavor was burnt. After spending $27 for the worst macaroons I have ever tasted I threw them all in the trash. Do not waste your money!!

Pastreez said...Jul 21, 2020

While we can understand we can't be a good fit for everybody, please have respect in your words. Things can happen and it is our job to fix it. Reaching out to give us the chance to help you out would have been more effective.

Jul 08, 2018
Verified Purchase
Amanda S.
1 Review
1 Helpful
Subscribed for 1 month


No Help AT ALL

Feb 28, 2021
Verified Purchase
Brent C.
1 Review
2 Helpful
Subscribed for 2 months

Poor customer service. I have been trying for two months to get a address change so that my wife my receive her macaroons. But neither the seller nor Cratejoy have helped or even responsed.
Because of this ZERO stars if I could!!!
Perhaps now, following two months, I may get a response. Hoping but not hopeful.
If we EVER receive the product I’ll give a fair review. For now, I would avoid the seller.

Pastreez said...Mar 10, 2021

Hi Brent. Your review is unfair as we answer every email within 24 business hours. So far we've answered all your emails in a timely manner. To be fully transparent, see below:
- Ordered on Dec. 23rd
- First box shipped Dec. 25th (only two days after ordering)
- 2nd box shipped on Jan. 23rd
- Third box shipped Feb. 28th
This is not the experience we want you to have with Pastreez! For faster communications we always advise to order directly from our website Pastreez dot com as Cratejoy create a "middle man" that might add delays, for them to send us your inquiries.


Feb 05, 2021
Verified Purchase
Amy S.
1 Review
Subscribed for 5 months

Super good

classy and yummy

Aug 19, 2018
Verified Purchase
Jenni M.
1 Review
Subscribed for 30 days

There is a lot of macaroons out there but those are really amazing. My sister and I enjoy them and look forward for the next box to arrive i really recommend

A True French Experience!

Jul 03, 2019
Verified Purchase
Denise R.
2 Reviews
1 Helpful
Subscribed for 29 days

I ordered these as part of a gift for a close friend - They arrived promptly based on the expected ship date - she happened to be visiting with me when they arrived so I gave them to her right away. The box was big but the contents tiny in comparison but so cute!! Not a criticism, i just was used to the ones in our local Parisien bakery downtown DC. I was a little disappointed that she was only getting 2 flavors. I tend to agree with some of the other commentators that it would be much more fun (and more likely to continue to get them) if there was a great variety, e.g. a mix and match of 3 or 4 flavors - its a little boring to have so many the same when you do love them but wish for more variety. The quality is fantastic - they are Paris fresh! They are beautifully designed and very artistic, not a single flaw on the. I didnt like one of the flavors at all, not even sure what flavor it was. Neither of us could figure out but the chocolate one was delish (and I'm not a chocolate fan). The other was a tad bland and none discript - needed a kick of some flavor (lemon perhaps) to gizz it up but overall I thought they were pretty, dainty, very French cuisine. I'm pretty sure if I ordered them again,...

Pastreez said...Jan 06, 2020

Thanks for your words! The experience you had is exactly what we aim to do: Bring a taste of Paris to your door. We're French chefs from Le Cordon Bleu Paris, based in California. We bake all the macarons by hand and they ship fresh wherever you are in the US.
About the variety, got it. The subscription description does state that it's only 12 macarons with two flavors monthly. We will make sure to emphasize it even more on the subscription page. Cheers!

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