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Macarons subscription box. Gift French cookies to your loved ones.

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Christmas look, not taste

Jan 03, 2020
Danni L.
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Subscribed for 3 months

I got my first round of my subscription during the Christmas holiday. The cookies were fine, nice and fresh but I was very disappointed with the selection of flavors. Only 2 flavors raspberry and pistachio(not flavors I associate with Christmas)I get why they did it, green and red for the holidays but they could have put a couple other “holiday” colors/flavors in there. Example sugar cookie/cake batter/ cookie dough, these are white/cream color and go with Christmas theme. Or other flavors to match with the green and red theme
For as much as I spent I’m not happy with selection and second tier flavors. I hope the next month is better. More flavor variety

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Pastreez said...Jan 06, 2020

Thanks for sharing. Sorry it wasn't fully a good experience for you.
We're confused that you wanted more in a box since the product describe it's two flavors monthly (6 x flavor A, 6 x flavor B). Please check the subscription box detail page.
FYI, the macarons are handmade by French Chefs in California. They ship fresh to your door. Sugar cookie/cake batter/ cookie dough are not actual flavors. It would be basically sugar with lots of artificial ingredients. At Pastreez we aim to provide genuine flavors made with fresh ingredients and a traditional approach. Our menu has for example Salted Caramel, Raspberry, Violet, Chocolate, Apricot and much more. We pick flavors for their authenticity and we never add sugar to the ganache. Sorry it wasn't...