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The Perfect Intro to Herbs
by Tiffany written Jul 23, 2018
I received my Full Bounty box today and I am sonexcited by all the goodies inside. I received two generous seed packets to add to my little herbal garden. I also received a delicious tea (at least my husband says so; I don’t drink tea). And the best part, two large packages of dried herbs and a magazine giving me ideas of how to use, grow, and cook with my goodies. Yay! I can’t wait until next month! I wonder what herb Autumn will bring???
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Great for Entertaining
by Carl written Jul 18, 2018
Subscribed for the tea/booklet. Found the new tea every month to be a great addition to my weekly game nights as a way to create new blends for my guests. For the first few months I had the full kit, and gave the seeds to friends with active gardens and they all wanted to know if I ever received more that I would be willing to part with.
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Creative and educational
by David written Jul 18, 2018
I love learning new things, and gardening, so Persephone's is a great fit. A new herb is featured each month with seeds that I can use to start my own plants, most of which you are sure to not find locally! The included magazine is very high quality and informative. I plan to continue this sub for a while!
Awesome Idea Executed Perfectly!
by Barbara written Jul 18, 2018
Persephone's Herbal is a unique idea that is the perfect blend of teas, herbs and education. I use herbal medicine, so getting seeds every month is a great way to increase my medicinal herb garden. I love the educational materials sent with each box as well. It's a wonderful "gift" that I look forward to recieving every month!
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by Anna written Jul 15, 2018
After ordering, it took over a month to receive my box. The company tried to bill me for the second box before I'd received my first, but were quick to put the subscription on hold for me when I asked. I finally got the "basil box" which included two packets of dried basil and two packets of basil seeds, plus a booklet of someone's personal experience in Italy with a few recipes. A pretty sad "full harvest".
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Everything I expected and a recipe book!
by serena written Oct 30, 2017
Learning about different herbs just got exciting and easy for me. Persephonesherbal sent my box with these items: ** Dried Lemongrass: Soothing in the tub! , Great in a vaporizer for colds too (2 packs!!) ** Lemongrass Tea Mix - now thats my hubbies category and within 3 days he had it all drank & loved it! ** Seeds for Lemongrass: began to sprout on day 3, on day 4 my budgies loved the taste! Great for making your own organically or for most pets too..mmm Please note dont forget their recipe booklet the send pact full of recipes too.. Im impressed . 5 star!
by KellyMoore written Sep 23, 2017
I got two packets of Sage Seeds .. that was it.. I am glad I cancelled my subscription.. did not get a magazine and did not get a "tea" of the month.. for what was charged on my card I can go to the local seed and feed and get the same thing for 3.00 dollars ..Very disappointed
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Love it!
by Mitzi written Jun 19, 2017
I love my subscription box! Lots of herb and very informative magazine.
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Just what Ive been looking for!!
by Jennifer written May 02, 2017
Received my fist box and was pleasantly surprised with the amount of product I received. Plenty of herbs for my projects, plus a very healthy amount of tasty tea and lots of seeds to get my own herbs started. Thank you so much for creating an awesome box. Keep it up!!
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Great tea!
by Mandy written Mar 25, 2017
I received my first tea time box and was pleasantly surprised at how much tea we got! I brewed some and it tasted great! The information booklet was great, I read it cover to cover and got very excited to learn so much about chamomile. Can't wait to try the recipe to make my own tea, or even get some seeds to plant some of my own. Thank you!
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