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Herbal Learning Boxes by Persephone's Herbal!

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What the Heck, Cratejoy?!

Dec 15, 2018
Tori B.
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I signed up for a month to month payment plan a couple days ago. I look at my bank account and they took out ALL OF THE MONEY in one payment. I even made sure to check that i was paid the same month-to-month plan like my last subscription box on here. This is ridiculous. If I could just get the refund and not even get the box, that would be fine. I am so irritated...

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Jul 15, 2018
Anna S.
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After ordering, it took over a month to receive my box. The company tried to bill me for the second box before I'd received my first, but were quick to put the subscription on hold for me when I asked. I finally got the "basil box" which included two packets of dried basil and two packets of basil seeds, plus a booklet of someone's personal experience in Italy with a few recipes. A pretty sad "full harvest".

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Jun 15, 2018
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I got two packets of Sage Seeds .. that was it.. I am glad I cancelled my subscription.. did not get a magazine and did not get a "tea" of the month.. for what was charged on my card I can go to the local seed and feed and get the same thing for 3.00 dollars ..Very disappointed

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