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  • All orders placed between the 1st-14th are shipped 3 business days after the 14th. All orders placed between the 15th-31st are shipped 3 business days after the last day of the month. Delivery Times: • US - up to 10 shipping days • Canada – up to 12 shipping days • EU/UK – up to 3 weeks • AUS/NZ – up to 3 ½ weeks • All other – up to 4 weeks
  • Ships worldwide from United States except for select countries
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
"I believe that most of the magic in the act of creating is in that first step. Giving yourself the time and permission and then something amazing happens. Being creative is the art of truly living."
Get Ready, Sticker Lovers!
Are you a sticker enthuasiast? Do you spend hours and funds combing through stores for your collection? The hard work stops here! At Pipsticks, we search the world to find the coolest stickers, then put together our favorites in a curated pack for you each month. Choose your plan, and instantly become a part of our super elite global sticker alliance.
  • The Adult Sticker Pack (Pro Pack) is perect for scrapbookers, snail mailers, and planners
  • The Kids Sticker Pack is child-friendly and good for both boys and girls alike!
  • All subscription sizes range from $4.95 to $14.95+/month
  • What comes in each pack: A monthly newsletter, a postcard, and paper goodies.
Subscriber Reviews
4.9 of 5 stars
by Janny written 3 months ago
Always something in each package to boost my mind and make me happy every months. I use them daily and was so sad when I had to stop for budget reasons... :'( I'll comeback soon !!!
by Wolf written 3 months ago
The stickers are very well picked, and I understand that some are made by pipsticks so you wont get them anywhere else. Everything is beautiful, it also has a blank postcard for you to color stick and send. The printable is a bit useless. The price is a bit high but they make you wanna forget about it when you see all the goodies! Overall great subscription
by Megan written 4 months ago
I was subscribed to the Petit Pro Pack which says 7+ sheets of stickers per month. (sheets can be a sheet or just a little mod, something I really don't like) Last month was the first time I ever received a + which made it 8 sheets and that is only because two sheets stuck together and I was subscribed for 9 months. However, I saw Grab bags in their store with 12+ sheets for the same price point I was paying for my 7+ sheets and decided to cancel my subscription. Even if those 12+ are all mods, still a better deal than the Petit Pro as far as I'm concerned. If they can put 12+ in a grab bag for the same price; I should be getting a + a bit more often for 7+ sheets in my subscription. Cons: *Tiny mods count as one sheet of your included stickers and the Petit Pro Pack seems to include more of those than full sheets. The Pro Pack does get more full sheets and more often than not the + while the Petit Pro seems to get the mods and a full sheet or two; just something I've noticed comparing the two in online reviews and the Pro Pack almost always has the +. There should be a happy medium somewhere on that. *The quote card you receive is nice and they've greatly improved the quality of the card in recent packs, (in the beginning a lot of mine were smudged) but I'd rather have another mod or sheet of stickers. *Their introduction "You're in the Club" pack, a nice idea, but don't order in October expecting the same pack you see people reviewing online, you will get their intro pack. A lot of people are a bit disappointed by this. It is a nice personal touch, but if you subscribe and your first shipment is October, you're expecting some sort of spookiness, not a random selection. *Items in their store are way overpriced. If you want more of a sheet and it happens to be in the shop, you pay the same price ($9.95) for three sheets of the same stickers as you do for a Petit Pro pack. Now the Pros: *Excellent Customer Service, I can't say enough about how great their Customer Service is, that is why they get 4 stars instead of the 3 I'd give them. I received a personal response from concerns they had about my answers on their customer survey that was sent. I also received a personal response the couple of times I contacted them about discount codes not working on their website. More companies need this kind of attention to their customers. *Lots of opportunity for customer feedback on what is included in your pack, and they listen to that feedback *Their very clever sticker within a sticker designs, you peel up what you think is a glittery coffee cup, only to discover your coffee cup has a heart shaped cut out and you have an extra heart sticker, or a circle left from a flower sticker and tons of clever shapes and bits of washi worked into the background of a sticker sheet that you wondered why there was so much extra decorated space on the background. Look closely, you may be missing out on a few stickers. *The quote card, (yes for me this is a con), but if you don't like the quote, there is always a nice illustration or pattern on the back that can be used for scrapbooking or junk journals. *The newsletter, it's a nice touch on nice paper with lots of colorful photos and again, a nice print on the back if you'd like to use it in scrapbooks or for junk journals. *The random assortment of stickers in your pack, there is not really a theme, other than a few snowy themed and some ugly sweater stickers in my December Pack. *Lots of coupon codes for use in their online shop.
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