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Pipsticks Reviews

4.9 of 5 stars
Don't miss the Pipsticks Train
by Jenn written last year
What an amazing idea! The packaging is just as much fun to see as your new stickers! This company is a class act! Wish all companies I worked with had Pipsticks professional prowess!
Loveee Pipsticks
by December written last year
I never been so excited to receive mail. Starting off being a first time planner user , Pipsticks was my first sticker subscription. Who would've known I'll love stickers this much? Well worth the subscription, each month you're looking forward to bust open the package to see all the pretty stickers. Love my happy mail from Pipsticks. Wish I could get it weekly instead of monthly, ha-ha!
Happiness in an envelope
by Lynne written last year
I cannot fault Pipsticks in any way. Customer service is outstanding and the product.......AMAZING. The quality of the stickers is fantastic. Great assortment and attention to detail. Great recipe included too!! 😀
Unrivaled happiness every month
by Jourdan written last year
I find that I cannot express my love and endearment for Pipsticks enough. I was sold entirely after my first visit to the well-designed, cleverly worded, and expertly crafted website. And if the warm fuzzies and affinity felt after reading about the company are not enough, I get a lovingly picked and packaged sticker delivery every month! I only have received two deliveries and already would recommend this to anyone who loves stickers, enjoys moments of channeling their inner child, or just could use a little dose of enchantment in their lives. No matter who you are, you will not be disappointed. Pipsticks has transformed my world one sticker sheet at a time and I look forward to many more months of love from this wonderful company.
by Anna written last year
I didn't know how it happened but i fell in love with pipsticks. They have very nice, morden and convinient website. The support is soooo friendly! And stickers are awesome and quality. When i got a pack i didn't recieve just stickers - i recieved an inspiration
My love
by Anna written last year
I love stickers since i was little girl. But there were no cool stickers around me - in my town. But then i found pipsticks - and it was awesome! First of all- really nice website - simple, modern,convenient. Secondly - very great support - i had a lot of problems with my subscribtion - and they answered very quickly and helped me! Thirdly - awesome sticks! So i wish i have enough money to be subscribe all my life Let's stick all world !!!
Awesome sauce😃
by Nicole written last year
I anticipate my stickers every month! So far I haven't been disappointed.. Love Pipsticks. Very unique stickers ..
OMG Super!
by JENNIFER written last year
I love stickers & I am totally blown away by the variety of the Pipsticks package! Just got my first one & I'm amazed. First: everything is high quality & no "duds" at all. I can easily see using every single sticker in the package - and there are unique stickers I've never seen before. I could not have put together a better package myself! The biggest problem is USING the stickers instead of HOARDING the lovelies!!