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Like being a kid again
by Cathryn written Feb 04, 2016
I have fond childhood memories of going to the Hallmark store and going through rolls and rolls of stickers. My Pipsticks subscription is the closest thing I've found to that experience. I've been a subscriber for 6 months now and can't wait for the next 6 months. I can't recommend this enough for the young and young at heart.
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Sticker heaven in an envelope!
by Sabrina written Feb 03, 2016
When i first saw an unboxing video of a Pipsticks Subscription i knew i had to get one for myself and i was NOT disappointed. The team puts a lot of thought in every monthly package which you can see in the chosen stickers, a letter with ideas, recipes, some nice words and overall a super cute design. I wait all month for my package to arrive and it's worth the while. Shipping to Germany takes about 2 weeks - depending on the mood of your mailman! All i can say is if you love stickers as much as we all do, you don't want to miss out on this!!
Always impressed
by Kendell written Feb 03, 2016
My daugher (5 y.o.) and I both love getting our Pipsticks envelope every month! And we're always impressed by the quality of stickers. As soon as it arrives you can count on a solid 20 mins of silence from both of us as we get stickering. Highly recommended.
Pipsticks is the best gift!!
by Jennifer written Feb 03, 2016
I subscribed for a year of Pipsticks for my daughter, and she was delighted every month to get a special envelope in the mail with a fun message and tons of stickers (some with themes having to do with the month, like cute turkey stickers for November)! As a parent I really appreciated how easy the website was to navigate and how much thought and care was put into each month's sticker package. The best gift!!
Gift Giver's Dream
by Lorna written Feb 02, 2016
Thanks, Pipsticks for creating the best gift ever, one that just keeps on giving! Month after month, the kids I gave it to (and their mom) keep telling me how much they love, love, love it! Rock on!
by John written Feb 02, 2016
<p>I started sending Pipsticks subscription to all my grandchildren about a year ago and they all love them. Can&#39;t wait to get each month&#39;s new envelope. Their oohs and aahs as they examine each colorful sheet is music to my ears. Best gift money I&#39;ve ever spent. This is a first rate operation: amazing stickers; terrific packaging; upbeat, fun web-site; and creative, original Instagram posts. Not often does a company provide complete satisfaction but Pipsticks does for me.</p>
Awesome in every way!!!
by Colleen written Feb 02, 2016
I LOVE PIPSTICKS. I look forward to the lovely pack of awesomely-cool stickers every month. There's so much joy in the surprise of seeing what's included! They have FANTASTIC customer service and are all around a wonderful company. The pro pack stickers have been perfect for decorating my planner and snail mail! Really, Pipsticks is the best!!
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We love Pipsticks!
by Tara written Feb 02, 2016
Great concept, great product, great company. We have a subscription for our sons, but we've also gifted subscriptions to adult friends (teachers, social workers, crafters, and plain ole grown-up sticker lovers!)
My daughter's favorite day of the month
by Hamilton written Feb 02, 2016
...is the day Pipsticks arrives. Great stickers (there's always new ingenious things) and innovative ideas on what to do with them. My daughter is five and a half and she gets at least 3-4 hours of crafts time out of each monthly package.
Awesome stickers, great value, and fun!
by Anna written Feb 02, 2016
Pipsticks is an awesome subscription service in every way. Every mailing is so thoughtfully planned with a great balance of colorful, quirky, and cute stickers. The pro pack is perfect for someone who loves crafting, decorating her calendar, and especially snail mail. I love the stamped postcard they include-- I send it off right away every month. Plus, sticker sheets are easy to store. You're not loading up your house with things you don't need, but getting little sheets of joy to pass on to others you know!
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