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4.7 of 5 stars
by JenniferLoring written Mar 19, 2018
Shipping took forever, and the stickers, while cute, weren’t worth $10.
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by Kathy written Mar 16, 2018
Received my first order yesterday! I see a few people have mentioned how long they have waited for their order... but who cares?! I got it and am very happy! (I'm expecting quality stickers and prefer that over spending extra for speedier shipping!!). Anyways, the stickers are so cute and I like that you get the newsletter with it, definitely makes me feel like I'm part of the club! Excited to see what I get next month as this pack was an intro pack (fill with subscriber favourites... omg the luchadora bears! love!).
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never received my stickers
by Jennifer written Feb 20, 2018
i wish i could review this product because it seemed awesome, but it's been more than a month since i signed up and have never received stickers. i've reached out for help (and a refund) and they're not very responsive - first response was about the long shipping time, but it's past that window now. i understand using less expensive shipping to keep costs low, but it shouldn't take more than one month to send something once a customer has made their purchase.
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Pipsticks said...
Feb 21, 2018
Hello Jennifer, Thanks again for your feedback. Again, I’m so sorry for the issue’s you’ve had with your account. I’ve just escalated your account to my Operations Manager, Jenna, and she’ll reach out to you directly via email to get everything resolved. We look forward to improving our customer experience and appreciate you taking the time to let us know something is amiss! Xo Mo
Shipping is too slow for the price
by Jennifer written Feb 14, 2018
I would love to be able to review the actual stickers, since they shipped on the 5th and it's currently the 14th, but I can't because I haven't received them. I subscribed at the $15 level and I feel like that should at least get me shipping via priority mail? I signed up because I thought it would be fun to get a little happy mail every month, but every time I come home to find them not in the mailbox it's definitely the opposite of happy.
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Pipsticks said...
Feb 15, 2018
Hello Jennifer, Thank you so much for your feedback! I’m so sad to hear you’re not satisfied, that’s not something I like to hear, especially from a new subscriber! We are constantly looking for ways to improve our subscription to ensure the best possible experience, so I appreciate you taking the time to send us your feedback. The cost of the Pipsticks Pack is directly related to the quantity of stickers (and other goodies) you receive in that pack, rather than shipping options. To ensure we can continue to offer free shipping and keep our subscription price low for our subscribers, we ship all of our packages via USPS First Class Mail Bulk Shipping. This shipping method can take anywhere from 2-10 business days to reach anyone in the US (depending on where you live). I definitely understand this feels like a long time, but I promise they’ll be worth the wait! Keep your eyes peeled and keep the feedback coming! Xo Mo
by Valerie written Dec 31, 2017
I enjoy the variety of stickers, and recently upgraded my account to the pro..
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by Layla written Dec 16, 2017
It's basically impossible to cancel this. I've been trying for months! They don't even provide a phone number. Steer clear.
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Pipsticks said...
Dec 30, 2017
Hi Layla, I’m sorry that you had trouble getting in touch with us. I see that we got this all squared away for you and your account is cancelled. Please email us at hello@pipsticks.com if you have any further questions.
by Janny written Sep 22, 2017
Always something in each package to boost my mind and make me happy every months. I use them daily and was so sad when I had to stop for budget reasons... :'( I'll comeback soon !!!
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by Wolf written Sep 08, 2017
The stickers are very well picked, and I understand that some are made by pipsticks so you wont get them anywhere else. Everything is beautiful, it also has a blank postcard for you to color stick and send. The printable is a bit useless. The price is a bit high but they make you wanna forget about it when you see all the goodies! Overall great subscription
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by Megan written Aug 07, 2017
I was subscribed to the Petit Pro Pack which says 7+ sheets of stickers per month. (sheets can be a sheet or just a little mod, something I really don't like) Last month was the first time I ever received a + which made it 8 sheets and that is only because two sheets stuck together and I was subscribed for 9 months. However, I saw Grab bags in their store with 12+ sheets for the same price point I was paying for my 7+ sheets and decided to cancel my subscription. Even if those 12+ are all mods, still a better deal than the Petit Pro as far as I'm concerned. If they can put 12+ in a grab bag for the same price; I should be getting a + a bit more often for 7+ sheets in my subscription. Cons: *Tiny mods count as one sheet of your included stickers and the Petit Pro Pack seems to include more of those than full sheets. The Pro Pack does get more full sheets and more often than not the + while the Petit Pro seems to get the mods and a full sheet or two; just something I've noticed comparing the two in online reviews and the Pro Pack almost always has the +. There should be a happy medium somewhere on that. *The quote card you receive is nice and they've greatly improved the quality of the card in recent packs, (in the beginning a lot of mine were smudged) but I'd rather have another mod or sheet of stickers. *Their introduction "You're in the Club" pack, a nice idea, but don't order in October expecting the same pack you see people reviewing online, you will get their intro pack. A lot of people are a bit disappointed by this. It is a nice personal touch, but if you subscribe and your first shipment is October, you're expecting some sort of spookiness, not a random selection. *Items in their store are way overpriced. If you want more of a sheet and it happens to be in the shop, you pay the same price ($9.95) for three sheets of the same stickers as you do for a Petit Pro pack. Now the Pros: *Excellent Customer Service, I can't say enough about how great their Customer Service is, that is why they get 4 stars instead of the 3 I'd give them. I received a personal response from concerns they had about my answers on their customer survey that was sent. I also received a personal response the couple of times I contacted them about discount codes not working on their website. More companies need this kind of attention to their customers. *Lots of opportunity for customer feedback on what is included in your pack, and they listen to that feedback *Their very clever sticker within a sticker designs, you peel up what you think is a glittery coffee cup, only to discover your coffee cup has a heart shaped cut out and you have an extra heart sticker, or a circle left from a flower sticker and tons of clever shapes and bits of washi worked into the background of a sticker sheet that you wondered why there was so much extra decorated space on the background. Look closely, you may be missing out on a few stickers. *The quote card, (yes for me this is a con), but if you don't like the quote, there is always a nice illustration or pattern on the back that can be used for scrapbooking or junk journals. *The newsletter, it's a nice touch on nice paper with lots of colorful photos and again, a nice print on the back if you'd like to use it in scrapbooks or for junk journals. *The random assortment of stickers in your pack, there is not really a theme, other than a few snowy themed and some ugly sweater stickers in my December Pack. *Lots of coupon codes for use in their online shop.
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Pretty Good
by Lynda written Jul 18, 2017
I've been subscribed for about 2 years. I feel like it's overpriced but it's fun. The packs you can buy on the website are waaaaay overpriced. They're a huge rip off. Their website is absolutely HORRIBLE to use. They have to be making a ton of money because everything is so expensive. They even opened a store. So I'm not sure why the website can't be improved. I've sent emails before but I'm always told it's something on my end, even though I've tried on my phone, my computer, and another computer at work. It's just a crummy system. My month-to-month delivery "expired" for some reason with no notice so I missed a month. I don't understand how month to month can expire but it did, I was bummed. I love the surprise every month so I keep it despite the price. I just wish they'd put some work into improving the website.
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