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4.8 of 5 stars
by Cory written Mar 22, 2017
The selection of sheets that I was sent wasn't worth the price I paid. I know where to find the full sticker packs of what I got at a much cheaper price.
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Packets of HAPPINESS!!!
by BethlynBechtel written Mar 18, 2017
I absolutely ADORE these sticker packs! They are always a bright ray of sunshine each time they show up. I share them with my girls who are jealous I haven't signed them up for their OWN-I-don't-have-to-share-with-mommy packs...lol (yet) out of 10 packs so far, I think there have been THREE sheets we didn't "like" and yet...out of those three, we've found uses for nearly all of those stickers LOL!! (p.s. I get the 15 sheet packs) I am listening intently for the mail man even as I type this because I expect my next pack to arrive today or Monday...and I can't WAIT! Each month is better than the last!
Nothing else like it!
by Calli written Mar 13, 2017
This is the subscription pack you need if you just want stickers! So great and so much variety, love it.
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Beautiful stuff!
by Stephanie written Mar 09, 2017
I, a fourteen year old girl, love these! These are perfect for anybody!
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Highlight of My Month!
by Lindsay written Mar 06, 2017
I absolutely adore my Pipsticks! I get so excited for it each month. It is fully of high quality, fun, and super unique stickers that you can't find just anywhere! They've also started creating their own stickers - so that just adds even more unique awesomeness!! For a sticker lover and a planner like me, this subscription is the best thing I've ever decided to do! Love it!
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Happiness in the mail
by Margaret written Mar 05, 2017
Seriously one of the best days of the month when this fun surprise arrives each month full of colorful goodness. I love the newsletter that comes with it as well and the packaging is pretty amazing too. Keep up the awesome work Pipsticks!!
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Do yourself a favor, order this now!
by Lizbeth written Mar 05, 2017
Do you love stickers? Yea, you do. Do you love getting mail that isn't a bill? Oh yea, you do. This subscription drops an evelope of stickery goodness in your mailbox. There's stickers and more stickers and a postcard to put stickers on and a fun card to decorate and frame to show your love of stickers to the world!! Best of all, the stickers come to you in stylish little envelopes. Stylish little envelopes of pure, unadulterated joy. So do yourself a favor and order yourself some stickers!!
Loving this subscription!
by Karen written Mar 04, 2017
So happy to have found Pipsticks. Of all the monthly subscriptions, this is the only one I have kept and which brings me happiness every month. I have renewed my love of stickers and am sharing, bringing smiles to people who don't even realize they to are loving stickers. Stickers are a small affordable habit that brings back a bit of childhood happiness some haven't even realized is missing.The joy of surprise each month makes it that much better.
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This is just GREAT!
by Jamie written Mar 04, 2017
This sticker subscription is the greatest. Knowing that I will get a variety of awesome stickers once a month makes everything just perfect. So much fun!
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Adore anything sticker!!
by Cyndia written Mar 04, 2017
I love getting an assortment of stickers in the mail! It's like Christmas once a month! You never know what kinds your going to get!
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