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Loving this subscription!
by Karen written 11 months ago
So happy to have found Pipsticks. Of all the monthly subscriptions, this is the only one I have kept and which brings me happiness every month. I have renewed my love of stickers and am sharing, bringing smiles to people who don't even realize they to are loving stickers. Stickers are a small affordable habit that brings back a bit of childhood happiness some haven't even realized is missing.The joy of surprise each month makes it that much better.
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This is just GREAT!
by Jamie written 11 months ago
This sticker subscription is the greatest. Knowing that I will get a variety of awesome stickers once a month makes everything just perfect. So much fun!
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Adore anything sticker!!
by Cyndia written 11 months ago
I love getting an assortment of stickers in the mail! It's like Christmas once a month! You never know what kinds your going to get!
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by Belinda written 11 months ago
my new favorite day of the month is when i get my pipsticks package! it makes me so happy it's kind of ridiculous. seriously. having a consistent sticker supply has made me use more stickers, and thus my days have become happier - really pipsticks my have seriously changed my life. i bought a real paper planner to use my newly coveted pipsticks stickers, and therefore i may actually be a nicer person to my co-workers due to the frequent joy i find from seeing my pipsticks stickers on paper along with all the to dos and deadlines. given the current state of the world, we all need a reason to smile and be giddy with the small things. pipsticks brings me pure joy, one sticker at a time. <3 <3 <3
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by Victoria written 11 months ago
My Mom and I love stickers, and when I found this I was a bit hesitant to get it, worrying it wouldn't be good quality or worth the amount of money I'd be paying, but I couldn't have been more wrong! The stickers are great quality with such a great variety, not to mention they're so cute! They also have great customer service and seem to have a great interest in their customers. I reccomend it very highly.
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by Laura written 11 months ago
Getting adorable and also useful and functional stickers in the mail is such a fun treat! I use them in my planner, journal and for mailing. Wonderful! So much fun!
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by Anne written 11 months ago
I needed this in my life, just didn't know it yet. I've always loved stickers. I still have my childhood sticker collection (on the sheet, of course) full of Space Jam and Beanie Babies sticker sheets! Getting my pack in the mail always puts a smile on my face, and I love sitting down and going through everything, sorting them. I use a lot of the stickers in my journal, planner, and in my business to help me package and ship. Love!
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Love all the stickers
by Waelinh written 11 months ago
I've decided to pick up letter writing again, especially since so many people seem to need a pick-me-up lately, so these are a nice addition to the letters or just to share with my pen pals for sake of nostalgia.
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Stickers in the mail? Yes please!
by Janelle written 11 months ago
I love monthly subscriptions, everything from Loot Crate to hair dye, so when I saw that this could be combined with my love of stickers, I was all over it. I also gave my best friend a 3-month subscription so we could share the sticker-love. My only problem is I like the stickers too much to actually use them, so I am turning into a hoarder.
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Cheerful and inspiring
by Dori written 11 months ago
I work at a call center for a crisis line. It is a very stressful job and I bring my Adult Pro sitcker pack to work and use them to add a bit of cheer to my planner and worksheets. I also like to write little thank you notes to my employees and decorate them with the fun animal and botanical stickers. This subscription is a great was to add a bit of whimsy and fun into your day without spending a bunch.
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