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Pure Joy !
by Cheryl written Mar 03, 2017
I am a 41 year old married woman with no kids and I ordered the kids version. I also ordered a heart sticker pack in the store. This is my third month and I am very pleased! The curated packets and presentation and truly second to none. The price point is great. This small business really knows what its doing! High recommend. Inspires me to write letters and have fun! Pure Joy for me.
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An amazing surprise every month
by Avery written Mar 03, 2017
As things in the mail go, among flyers and bills-this is one surprise that brings a giant smile to both my daughter and my faces. While the subscription is for her it does bring me joy going through it with her. It's something fun that allows her to keep being a kid in these days where there's so much pressure to grow up and she just loves to unwind and get creative randomly once a month. She'll even save some stickers for special occasions. Pipsticks is just the best!!!
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It's the only joy left in my life
by Alice written Mar 03, 2017
As an adult with a job they hate that pays minimum wage despite and engineering degree, no friends, living in a dull town in the middle of nowhere I have next to no fun or joy in my life at all. Waiting for these sticker packs in the post is all I have. When they come through the door I get so excited that I forget to think about death for probably the rest of the day! I love ripping open the bag and manically looking at all the stickers as fast as I can. I use the stickers mostly in cards and on parcels to people I sell my belongings to on eBay to try to keep my head from financially going under. Maybe if I'm so poor I should consider not spending £20 on stickers and then delivery from America, but then I would have nothing. Thank you pipsticks, you are my one untainted joy
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Highly Recommend
by ClareBrodak written Mar 03, 2017
Pipsticks is my favorite piece of mail to receive every month. My 3-year-old daughter and I open each envelope the second we receive it in the mail, and we write numerous letters every month covered in stickers to our family and friends. It provides an amazing creative activity for us and is absolutely worth the price. The stickers are extremely high quality, and considering how expensive stickers are when purchased individually, the value is wonderful. If you want gorgeous, fun stickers and mail every month that makes you happy and excited, I definitely recommend Pipsticks as a subscription.
Great value
by Dolaphine written Mar 03, 2017
It might be a little pricey for a student ($15+tax every month), but for the price it's a really good value. I was able to build up a sizeable sticker collection within two packs, and I use at least three stickers daily for just my planner. I'm waiting on my fifth pack now, and honestly I'm feeling a little overwhelmed because I feel like I'm going to be drowned in stickers when my new pack comes. It's gotten to the point that I'll be extremely liberal with my stickers when I write a journal entry once a week (5+ stickers per page) and a pen pal letter approx. once a month (10+ stickers), and still have at least 20 sheets of stickers left (most recent count literally as I'm writing this review). But keep in mind this "too many stickers" thing is a snowball effect. The quality of these stickers are really great as well. It's not any of the cheap "kid's stickers" (the kind that clearly scream quantity over quality). There's a huge selection of stickers provided every month, so often I can find the appropriate sticker for the occasion. Also, each month comes with its own postcard that you can send to people [minimalist design - all the fun/outrageous (choose your adjective!) colors and designs are in the stickers]. I advocate fiscal responsibility, but I do think this sub is worth its monthly fee!
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A fun treat
by Hilary written Mar 03, 2017
I love my Pipsticks subscription! It is such a fun treat to get my pack of stickers in the mail each month; I find myself looking forward to it and obsessing about what will be inside :). The best part? As a sticker saver more than a sticker user - a habit I'd like to break - I'm much more apt to actually USE my stickers now because I know that more adorable stickers will be coming each month!
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Love ❤️
by Julie written Mar 03, 2017
I absolutely love Pipsticks. Everything in my monthly subscription has been perfect. I've also shopped the store for nearly every item. I'm head over heels for their stickers and impeccable service! Thanks❤
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by Amber written Mar 03, 2017
My kids and I both look forward to our packs every month. I've been collecting stickers since I was a little girl and it's hard to find a good selection now a days. This subscription is perfect. Highly recommend and great for gifting.
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So very happy!
by Erica written Mar 03, 2017
I subscribed recently and did so to add a little spice to my planner. I LOVE EVERYTHING! Even when I don't think the stickers are something I'll use; I always need them!!!
Awesome help for not so artsy mom
by Dariya written Mar 03, 2017
First my daughter wasn't much into stickers, but a few months later every new Pipstick envelope became a big deal. Now she makes all her cards (birthday cards, Valentine's, "miss you nana" cards, etc.) using her stickers. I'm not an artsy mom, and getting Pipsticks really helps us with our art projects.
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