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Happiness by mail
by Carmen written Mar 03, 2017
A smile comes to my face every time I see this envelope in my mailbox. The stickers are a nice quality and they aren't the type of stickers you'd find out and about typical stores. I love these stickers!
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Who says stickers are just for kids??
by Lauren written Mar 03, 2017
So, growing up I was super obsessed with stickers (Lisa Frank, anyone??) and had them stuck on everything. As an adult, I'm much the same... when I heard about this subscription, I had to try it, and I have not been disappointed yet!! If I HAD to complain about one thing, it would be that living in Canada means the packs take a bit longer to arrive - normally wouldn't be a big deal, but my December pack, filled with deliciously cute holiday themed stuff, arrived after Christmas. Other than that, I am in love with this subscription! :)
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Happiest day of the month!
by BrianClifton written Mar 03, 2017
From the second I open my mailbox I can tell if my subscription pack is in there or not! The happiest day of the month is finding that gorgeous envelope waiting for me! Huge variety and Mo is awesome and really seems to care about her customers!
So Much Fun!!!
by Heather written Mar 03, 2017
My kids bought me a subscription to the Pro pack for my birthday. I had planned on just trying it for one month and then canceling, but here I am, still enjoying every monthly delivery. These stickers are adorable, goofy, unusual, nostalgic, and always worth the money.
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Subscribe if you like stickers!
by Lindsay written Feb 22, 2017
I started my subscription in January and was thoroughly delighted with the selection and quality of stickers I received. I will admit though...I was not looking forward to my February packet, simply because I assumed the contents would be only hearts, pink, red, gold and glitter. I was thrilled when my second package arrived to find that the stickers this month were not full of those items, but rather animals, plants, and other useful themes I can use. There has not been a single item in either package I rolled my eyes at. I love it so much I got a gift kids subscription for a young friend to spread the sticker love. If you like Japanese stickers, you will really enjoy the value of the subscription, as these stickers usually retail for $3-5 each sheet in the US - you will receive several each month (and everything else is awesome too)!
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Such a great company
by Lauren written Feb 12, 2017
I started my subscription with Pipsticks in August and really loved it. I bought both the kids and adults packs because I figured, well...why not!? Anyways the amount of stickers per pack is very satisfying and the occasional provision of mega-packs (double the sticker amount) is totally awesome. I'm big into decorating my planner so the smaller stickers are a nice size to use for that purpose. The packs arrive in a timely manner, with super cute packaging and are always different. My only request for a change is that they start offering a sticker pack specifically with planner-sized stickers as I really never use the oversized ones and have no additional use for them. I would definitely recommend this subscription to anyone who loves stickers though. They are amazing.
by Jessica written Dec 13, 2016
Although I liked the stickers I received, out of the 7 or 8 sheets I got, only 2 had a Christmas theme. I was disappointed because I was looking forward to adding cute Christmas stickers to my student's folders for good behavior. Also, I do not feel I got many stickers for the price. I got the mini pack and feel that for $10.00 I should have received a little more.
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by Elisabeth written Dec 05, 2016
I love getting my cute envelope of stickers every month. The selection is always fantastic and feels like a little hug every time I get them in the mail!
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by Olga written Oct 25, 2016
Fell in love three deliveries ago and never fell out. In one cute envelope you get a big pack of wonderful quality stickers, original and pretty, always different, something you never find in a stationary shop. I will stay subscribed for many more months!
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So much fun!
by sarah written Sep 18, 2016
This subscription is a sticker lovers dream come true!
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