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Pipsticks Reviews

4.9 of 5 stars
Yes yes yes!
by Emma written last year
My six year old received Pipsticks as a birthday gift and we've since gifted Pipsticks two two friends and a cousin. It is pure happiness in your mailbox.
Hours of Delight
by Dave written last year
My 5 year old twins (boy and girl) both love Pipsticks. What's not to love? New stickers every month and postcards to send to Grandma? Hours of fun
We love Pisticks
by Genevieve written last year
It's like a present in the post each month. Coupled with my kids' unbridled joy each time that 'oh so gorgeous pack' arrives - what's not to love?
So much fun!
by Carrie written last year
We love our Pipsticks so much! The quality and variety of the stickers make them such a good fit for anyone. My kids wait for their deliveries each month and tear them open when they arrive. Even my six-year-old son who isn't typically into stickers loves them and makes books and creates art scenes with different themes. I give my two-year-old a package and put her inside my huge amazon boxes for instant entertainment. I also use them for sticker reward charts and to decorate gifts. Worth every penny!!
Pipsticks makes me happy
by Stacey written last year
So I originally subscribed to Pipsticks for my kids, but I slowly became the sticker hoarder of the family. These little gems make me so happy - I get excited everytime I see the pack in the mailbox. Watch out valentines! I got my February pack and am ready to go. Highly recommended.
Pipsticks Sticker Subscriptions Rock!!!!
by Heather written last year
If you are a child of the 80's like I am, you are probably a natural stickerphile, and therefore made to love a sticker subscription. But it isn't just for us gen-xers, anyone who loves to decorate their art, snail mail, organizers, Trapper Keepers (lol!), etc, will love receiving stickers and paper goodies in the mail each month with your sticker subscription. And, of course, you should order a kid subscription so you won't have to share all those gorgeous stickers with your children. I know we are supposed to be teaching them to share, but there are limits! So, all this said, I suggest that you go ahead and buy yourself, your children, and your friends Pipsticks subscriptions right now.
I'm in love with these stickers
by Delia written last year
I absolutely love this subscription. It's worth every penny. The stickers are so unique and beautiful. Plus Maureen responded so quickly to my emails. I would definitely recommend to my friends.
by sarah written last year
Great selection. Wish there there were minecraft stickers!
Hours of portable fun
by Lisa written last year
My kids have been Pipsticks fans since the very beginning. They love the whole package (from receiving mail in the post to decorating their pages) but their favorite part is sending postcards to friends and family near and far. My favorite part: hours of entertainment for the kids. They key is that it is also portable entertainment - I pack all their stickers and related pages into a ziplock bag and we they can fully entertain themselves for 45 minutes while they are sitting at their siblings tennis/swim/dance/etc class. It's the perfect portable entertainment!
fun for letter writers
by Mari written last year
Pipsticks is the only "box" I subscribe to, a little indulgence and nice way to get stickers to spruce up my snail mail. Getting the bright, pretty envelope every month is fun, and the stickers within are varied and interesting. Maureen responds in a quick and friendly fashion to emails, whether they contain questions, comments, or just a hello.