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PLACES, PLEASE! Let's Put On A Show

PLACES, PLEASE! Let's Put On A Show

by PLACES, PLEASE! Theatre Box
Our Let's Put On A Show box will guide your 8-16 year old through the process of putting on a play.

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Jan 16, 2021
Carol D.
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Worst ever ... hoping someone can call me 617-869-6932 or I will have to pass on my comments to my student teachers in my Practicum courses in graduate education program . Lack of customer service availability is unacceptable!!!!

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PLACES, PLEASE! Theatre Box said...Jan 17, 2021

Carol, it was wonderful to talk with you today. I was happy to receive feedback from someone with your level of expertise. As I mentioned in our conversation, I will be sending a PLACES, PLEASE! Littles box to your Grandsons tomorrow. I hope that the Place Please! Littles box will stimulate their imaginations and provide hours of creative enjoyment. Thanks again for investing your time with me today.

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