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3.9 of 5 stars
Great sub box for bujo lovers!
by Kris written Oct 08, 2018
My daughter and I were both subscribed to another popular journaling sub box, but we found that most of the items we just didn't use or like. We have received this box for 2 months and are thrilled! We love washi tape, erasers, pencils, pens, sticky notes, and stickers! This is exactly what we were looking for! Everything is so cute and useful. I love how everything is themed. Now we are both enjoying setting up our bullet journals together every month. :)
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Sept 2018 box
by Kay written Sep 04, 2018
Dissappointed in my first box. I don't drink coffee or eat sushi or eat donuts. Liked the pen & washi tape. I hope Oct box will be better. This box was kinda a waste of my money.
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by Deb written Aug 14, 2018
I like this box, but I wish it would fit in my letter box because I have to wait until the weekend to pick it up from the post.
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I have never had a bad box.
by Sara written Jul 03, 2018
I have subscribed to them for almost a year. Everything I have gotten is lovely. The themes are beautiful and I love the additional spotify playlists.
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I love getting this every month!
by Samantha written Mar 13, 2018
Adorable stuff. Only issue is that sometimes if I want to buy more of a product I have a hard time finding it online.
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never disapoint me
by Sara written Mar 12, 2018
I loved my February box. you sent me this lovely planner. I adore the pen you sent me with the march box. so cute, :)
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by Sharon written Feb 28, 2018
I thought I'd give this box one more try after last months disappointing opening. While I do like the items in this box, there are simply too few of them. The contents contained in this "box" could easily fit in a medium sized envelope, leaving me to wonder "where's the rest?" For almost $25, this month you get: 3 pages of planner stickers (1/2 page size), two sticker sheets, one small strip of stickers, a small sheet of sticker dots, a large paper clip, 2- 6" pieces of cardstock, two mini rolls of washi tape, a tiny printed March calendar, an enameled pin, a coordinating pen, and an inexpensive cloth pencil pouch. It seems to me that they could use the money spent on shipping this rather large (mostly empty) box on a few more items in a bubble mailer.
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Good option
by Robin written Jan 16, 2018
I wanted to try Planner Girl Provisions just to see what they had and I was very pleased with the variety.
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plan it!
by SamSchintzler written Jan 13, 2018
Love Planner girl Provisions. You get a little bit of everything you need and some of what you want!
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Every item absolutely lovely
by Katherine written Dec 04, 2017
I was so pleasantly surprised by the variety and quality of the items included in the box. Thank you so much, I love it all. Definitely recommend this one for planners/scrapbookers.
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