W.I.S.E. Budget Box

by Pocket of Money
Go from “I hate budgeting” to consistently planning, successfully budgeting and saving money.

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W.I.S.E. Budget Box: Faster Financial Success

Go from “I hate budgeting” to consistently planning, successfully budgeting, and saving money every month with the WISE Budget Box. The WISE Budget Box will give you a motivational jolt and a new set of tools every 90 days. You’ll ALSO have continuous access to WISE Financial Fitness, a financial literacy portal.

  • Each box contains: WISE Budget Planner (90 day planner system), creative financial planner stickers, access to W.I.S.E. Financial Fitness (online financial literacy portal), and motivational saving and debt tracking sheets.
  • The WISE Budget Planner helps you to consistently design a successful spending plan a.k.a. budget as well as keep track of your spending. It has full 2 page calendars, templates to budget by paycheck or month, and more.
  • Creating and using your money calendar just got a lot more fun. Get creative and make budgeting and financial planning more fun with the creative stickers included.
  • This 90 day system was created by Dr. Maria James, The Money Scientist who saved over $10,000 while on a stipend of $23,000. Use the system to create your own financial success story.

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