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Inside Pooch Party Packs
Our business aims to not only create the experience your dog can imagine, but also to support the many small pet businesses in the USA. We understand that there are entrepreneurs across the USA that create some of the most exciting toys and treats for pets!
  • Supports small USA businesses!
  • High quality pet toys and treats!
  • Only USA made Treats!
  • 4-6 products each month
  • Free Shipping.
Subscriber Reviews
5.0 of 5 stars
July Pooch Party Pack Review
by Patricia R written 2 years ago
We love getting our pups fun new toys and treats. 5 out of 5 woofs for Pooch Party Packs!
Full Review
by Ruby written 2 years ago
Domino has had other subscription boxes before and he always got excited for them AFTER they've been opened. Plus, a few of them have often included a few products we really didn't use. However, once this box came in the mail he just KNEW what was in it. It was like he could smell the yummy goodies wafting from in the box! And we found use of everything in it! The gourmet dog treats?? He went nuts over. I'll admit, I even tried a little bit of the cookie. LOL. The deodorizing spray smells good enough for me to wear on a regular basis! I always, ALWAYS, have a bandana on him. So the fact that this one included a reversible bandana is just great! And the StarBarks Frenchie Roast?? Soooo adorable - He loves it!! This is his first Pooch Party Pack and, judging by his reaction towards everything we received, we look forward to many others!
by Tori written 2 years ago
Scooby the Corgi has never received one of these pet boxes in the mail before, so we were already very excited. We also were anxious to see what would be in it, since it is a surprise as well! The box came with three gourmet cookies that looked so yummy and perfect that I would eat it!! It also came with some de-odorizing spray, which is much needed. I use it after giving Scooby a bath to brush him with it, and I spray it on after every walk! His favorite park was the Starbarks toy, he won't stop picking it up to drink some like mom! :) We can't wait to get more boxes in the future!
by Rochelle written 2 years ago
My pup Henry and I absolutely loved our Pooch Party Pack! It was filled with a bunch of great products. I'm always nervous about subscription boxes since you never quite know if you'll be getting a good deal or products that you'll actually use, but I was genuinely excited about everything in the box. I also absolutely LOVE that they feature small businesses. We happened to buy our box with a large special discount code, but it is totally worth the full price. One of the goodies in my box was a Starbarks toy from Haute Diggity Dog, which sells on its own for $16. Give them a try!
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