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4.3 of 5 stars
My dogs loved our gift box
by Kevin written last year
We were given a Pooch Perks box recently and my dog LOVED it. He takes his turkey toy to his bed every night. The plush toys are very soft but very tough. He also loved the treats. We ended up subscribing to get more boxes for our dog.
Dogs LOVE Pooch Perks !
by Teresa written last year
I receive the popular box and my pooches and I could not be happier with this subscription! The toys have lasted a long time even though my dog is a rough chewer, they take the toys to sleep with them and that shows me they really like them a lot! They hover around me when I have the treat bag in my hand, it is really funny to see :)
We Love Pooch Perks Box!
by Daniel written last year
Both our dogs love the toys, they play for hours with everything they get! The treats are a favorite as well!
BEWARE if you have a LARGE dog
by Alix written last year
I've tried twice now to post a review on their Facebook page but they repeatedly have deleted mine and other negative comments. It's also worth noting that two of their five star reviews on FB are from the exact employees I worked with regarding my issues. So they have their employees write fake reviews...They have repeatedly sent inappropriately sized toys for my large breed dog (German Shepherd/Husky Mix). I reached out and paid an additional fee for "durable dog toys" and was assured that going forward I would received durable toys only. I have in an email an exact quote from their staff stating "Would you like me to upgrade you to the Durable Toy option so you will no receive any plush toys. If so, I’d be happy to send a replacement for the bear for an item that is made of the rubber, durable material." I was also charged the fee for the box I had already received, so Pooch Perks assured me I would receive a replacement "durable" toy by May 22nd. I have yet to recieve that toy... My next box came containing ONLY small plush toys the size of my hand. When I reached out regarding these toys I was NOW told that a durable toy qualifies as anything longer than 7inches...nothing about the actual durability of the toy. This company does nothing to actually customize the boxes for your individual dogs needs (despite that being one of their selling points). Don't waste your time on this business that only cares about making a dollar, not the safety of the dogs they serve. A better option would be to go with a company that costs a little more but actually cares, like Bark Box.
My 17 lb schauzer loved the treats
by Amy written last year
My very fussy little girl actually loved the treats that came in the sample shipment. She was so excited to actually get mail. She stuck her head right into the box and snagged the toy. Very happy dog!
Great value
by Michelle written last year
I've been sampling a lot of dog boxes to find the perfect sub for my rough-and-tumble boys, and Pooch Perks is definitely one of the best values for its price. I tried the $11.95 mini box and received a squeaky plush toy and four bags of wholesome treats. I'd have a hard time leaving the pet store with that many items at that price. Customer service is great, too, and my package arrived about a week after I placed my order.
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