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by Pooch Perks Premium Customized Dog Boxes
The PAW-FECT subscription box for dog lovers and their pooch!

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Great customer service +1 833 7OO O571

Nov 06, 2020
Jivaji H.
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Thank you so much for making my boy so happy!
Great customer service +1 833 7OO O571
phone number +1 833 7OO O571
We always have a hard time finding toys durable enough and usually end up having to throw so many out because he's such a strong chewer! He LOVES his new box and has been walking around all day with his new toys! Better than barkbox!!

Decent box - my dog liked it

Jan 01, 2021
Leslie C.
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Subscribed for 10 days

I found that the 3 pack of penguins was the first item to have a loss. My dog decided that the one with hair needed to be gutted within the first hour of play. The other two have faired better and still live.
She loves the treats, the blueberry has a bit of crunch that she likes and the lumps of coal give her the texture she likes. I do think that for flavor her favorite is the turkey and cranberry flat treats.
I guess that the blueberry was the chew for the month, so not so much a treat, but I put it in that category for my home.
There was also a silicone/rubber toy shaped like a sugar cookie tree that my dog just doesn't care about. Pooch perks is sending another toy in the next box to make up for this one which I find very nice.
This box will be compared to the bark box when it arrives which should be later in the week even though the boxes were ordered the same day. So hands down pooch perks gets the shipping speed award on this one.

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