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2 charges, no boxes

5 days ago
Lenny L.
1 Review
Subscribed for 27 days

So I cannot really review the products, however, I can review the service. I paid for my box on the 18th of May. Today is now the 14th of June. I didn't expect to get a box immediately, but here we are almost a month out and I have received nothing yet they already want to charge my card.
My biggest complaint is that on the 7th I received a notification that my package had shipped. Well, here we are a week later and Posh has not even given the package to the delivery service. So at this rate I won't be getting a box until July, at which time they'll be wanting to charge my card again for a 3rd box.
This is just horrible service, at the very least keep your customers updated.

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Posh Home Box said...5 days ago

Hi Lenny,
Please be assured that the package was shipped last week and is enroute. However for some reason, the tracking information was just updated for some shipments (I’ve been watching tracking closely-tracking for 15 customers was delayed).
Your purchase on May 18 qualified you for the June box. If you’d like to skip a month, move the billing date or cancel, those can easily be managed in your account, or I’m always here to assist. All customer renewals occur on the 11th of the month, unless amended.
We do pride ourselves on strong customer service, so I’ll be checking in with you again later today to answer any further questions you may have.
Thank you ~ Martine (owner of Posh Home Box)

Very disappointing.

Feb 12, 2019
Kari H.
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Subscribed for 1 year

February by far is the worst box I have received from Posh Home. This makes me sad to write this as this is usually my favorite box. Normally the value and unique items far exceed expectation and price, (with shipping $69.99, per month). This month was a notebook, small heart trinket tray and a mug. The mug was cute but kinda cheap looking the rest was un-unique and all DEFINITELY not close to being worth 69.99, I will wait to see what March brings, but if it is more like this, I will have to cancel my subscription. Please do better next time.

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Posh Home Box said...Feb 13, 2019

Hi Kari, Appreciate your constructive feedback. Because our February Amore box contained all brand names (Rosanna Inc, Sweet Water Decor and Printfresh), there were fewer items than our typical curations. The value definitely exceeds the price paid. Keep in mind the prices listed on those product sites are USD, while we price in Canadian Dollars. Hope next month’s box is a better match for you!


Nov 18, 2020
Ashley E.
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Subscribed for 1 month

The contents are not worth the amount of money. I cancelled my subscription but the subscription renews before you even get your first box! So after cancelling I received an email stating that my next box has been cancelled but they have already taken out my money. $84!! And they do not do refunds! I am not impressed at all and I was so excited about this box.. Huge let down.

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Posh Home Box said...Nov 18, 2020

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for your feedback; we appreciate it all, positive and critiques, for our learning.

Sorry the November box was not a hit for you. We chose to support two local businesses, whose work we love and thought would resonate. We definitely invested in this box, no less than we normally do, but understand it’s not for everyone.
Our shipping is not cheap; what we charge to ship is less than the actual cost of shipping, to keep the cost reasonable.
Subscriptions auto renew on the 11th of the month, for every customer, unless they cancel prior.
Hopefully the December 'Champagne Bar’ box is more suited to you. Let’s continue our email dialogue.

Thank you again ~Martine

BEWARE! Possible Scam!

Oct 23, 2020
Cheryl F.
1 Review
Subscribed for 27 days

I ordered the October box back in September (and my card was charged). I ordered it as a housewarming gift. According to the website, it was targeted to ship in early October. It never arrived. Recognizing that shipping is still occasionally delayed due to the pandemic, I attempted to contact the seller multiple times requesting an update on my order. I have not received a response to any of my inquiries.
DO NOT ORDER from POSH HOME BOX. Presumably they are no longer in business, as they are not shipping out orders that were previously paid for or responding to inquiries.

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Posh Home Box said...Oct 23, 2020

Hi Cheryl,
Sorry that the gift was delayed. Tracking shows that it will arrive October 27, as some packages were indeed delayed. We don’t have any emails from you (I checked our spam folder too). Some people get us confused with other brands that have 'Posh’ in their name. We are still very much in business! I hope your recipients enjoy the gift. Your gift message was included in their box. My name is Martine and you can reach me directly at martine at poshhomebox dot com. Thank you ~Martine