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May 13, 2020
Jessika M.
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No english translation for some products

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Premium K~Beauty said...May 18, 2020

The products received are written in both English & in Korean plus it states on the product what site to look up on Google should you need further information. This Sephora "Amore Pacific" Skin care Gift box has an insert inside of the box that i personally typed up with information relating to each product so you wouldn't have to look up the products. The insert is located under the gift tray the products are held in.


Feb 14, 2021
Meryam R.
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I'm just waiting for My box

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Premium K~Beauty said...Mar 12, 2021

Unfortunately, We are unable to ship to your country right now due to customs restrictions in place due to the pandemic. However, When the shipping restrictions are lifted, We will put in your box a free gift for all the hardship your experiencing. Unfortunately, it's out of our hands But We will stay on top of this cause its customers like you that our the backbone to our business staying in business. Without you there is no us! Thank you for trying to support us & taking the time to write your review, We will send out an email letting you know When we are available to ship to your country....
Thank you again & Best Wishes Meryam!