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Subscription based Math and Literacy Curriculum for your Preschooler.
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It’s perfect!

Nov 09, 2020
The F.
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Preschool2U has been perfect for my child! Everything we need comes in the box, so I don’t have to go around the house looking for things (crayons, pencils, glue etc). The learning activities are excellent! I like how they are based on Kindergarten standards, that way I know my child is on the right track for Kindergarten! Definitely a high quality curriculum! I would recommended this to any parent with a preschool child!


Apr 13, 2021
Erika B.
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I ordered both this box and another more popular preschool box and I like this one so much more. It also came with so many more things. The other box, your kid starts off with the first few letters of the alphabet and you have to keep subscribing to go through the entire alphabet. This one is based off repetition. There is no specific first box, you just jump right in. My April box was a spring theme and it included paints, some colored pencils, glue stick, construction paper, flower seeds, some potting soil, dry beans in a baggy with a paper towel, little paper plates, Brain Flakes used as flower counters, and so much more. The book with all the activities for the month has some pages in the back for your child to journal (scribble, draw, or write). A lot of the activities use critical thinking skills, and I was surprised my 4 year old got the hang of a bar graph so quickly for one of the activities. The book also gives suggestions on how to extend the activity to make it more challenging. There are LOTS of art activities. I highly recommend you give this box a try.