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Quality DIY Projects for Your Crafting Pleasure.

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Project Box, Your Crafting Adventures Await

Designed for crafters, and those who want to be. Project Box is the perfect blend of learning and doing. Experienced crafters will appreciate the quality, and pick up a few tips while refining their techniques. Budding crafters will experience success with the detailed instructions and "goof proof" approach.
  • Learn new techniques, tips, and short cuts that you can use on other projects.
  • Great for making your own gifts, or gifting the crafters in your life.
  • Experiment with potential full time hobbies. Past boxes have included everything you need to try quilling, macrame, chemical etching, stamp carving, mandalla painting, and Nagomi Pastel Art.
  • Most of our techniques and projects are easily replicated. Great for gift giving, or a side hustle.
  • Not ready to subscribe, try a One Time Box on for size.

Customer Questions (7)


Q: What makes Project Box different from other craft subscription boxes?Asked by Jaimie H., May 2020

Project Box Monthly answered...May 2020

Most craft kits take a once and done approach. Each Project Box is designed with a take away that you can use on future projects. That may be a technique, a unique product, or a short cut. Our main goal is for you to experience success, and enjoy the journey. Bonus: the retail size supplies will help to build your craft closet for future projects.


Q: Do you ship internationally?Asked by Katja E., March 2022

Project Box Monthly answered...September 2022

I'm sorry. I do not ship internationally at this time.


Q: Several of the pictured projects have religious themes (ex. Jesus). Are these themes prevalent in multipe projects? Are they an explicit part of the project or the choice of the crafter?Asked by Kathleen M., October 2020

Project Box Monthly answered...November 2020

Unless requested, none of the projects in our subscription boxes would be considered religious in nature. Most likely, you visited our website with photos of requested local workshop projects.


Q: What if I'm just not that crafty?Asked by Jaimie H., May 2020

Project Box Monthly answered...May 2020

Project Box is designed for experienced crafters, and those who want to be. Our projects really are virtually goof proof. Each box includes detailed instructions for every step, while still allowing plenty of wiggle room to make each project truly one of a kind.

Reviews (8)

Do NOT get this subscription!!

Mar 21, 2022
Verified Purchase
Erin S.
1 Review
1 Helpful
Subscribed for 2 months

I bought this subscription from Project Box after searching for what looked like the best option to try. To say I was wrong is an understatement. The price with shipping is about $40 a month which would be fine if it wasn’t a complete rip off. The box I received wasn’t even in a box but a thinly padded envelope which did not protect the contents. The card stock was creased and folded by the time I got it. Then there was the contents themselves which added up to less than $10 worth of product. The only thing of worth, I thought, was a pack of oil pastels but after looking it up found that it was purchased for less than $5. The rest was 2 pieces of card stock cut to smaller sizes, an eraser, one craft stick, and another piece of card stock with shapes cut into it. That was literally it. To anyone reading this, save your money and get a legit art subscription box because this one is a total scam.

Project Box Monthly said...Mar 21, 2022

Thank you, Erin. We appreciate your feedback. Yes, we agree that the envelope was a poor choice. Lesson learned!
We understand that every subscriber won’t like every project. With that in mind, we do our best to rotate between stand-alone projects (birdhouse key rack, no sew gnomes, pumpkin wreath, etc.), dabbling with techniques and products (etching, watercolor pencils, creative crates, etc.), and sharing the basics of potential full-time hobbies (quilling, macrame, stamp carving, Nagomi Pastel Art, etc.). Our long-time subscribers enjoy the variety and appreciate the assortment of tools, techniques, and supplies gathered over time.
The Nagomi Art project that you reference was a basic introduction to a relatively new art technique that most anyone can experience success with detailed...

Jul 12, 2021
Lisa C.
4 Reviews

"I had a bit of trouble getting the stamps to be as detailed as shown and looking ok when I stamp with them. But that’s not your fault!!"

Mar 08, 2021
Deborah A.
2 Reviews
1 Helpful

"I love boho and modern style. That's what I decorate my house with."

Loved the birdhouse wreath

May 25, 2020
Lisa H.
1 Review
2 Pictures

The birdhouse wreath was our first project box. My husband and I worked on it together. The instructions were so easy , and everything you need is included. We had a lot of fun and will order again. This is a great idea for those that would rather do a project at home than in a class but don’t quite know where to start. We loved it! Thank you so much!

Great Customer Service

Aug 18, 2020
Verified Purchase
Lisa C.
4 Reviews
Subscribed for 25 days

I received my first box last week. The project is super cute and will look great on my mantle. But what I really want to commend is the customer service of this company.
The wood crate came broken. I emailed right away and literally within the hour I had an email offering a replacement or an extended month for my subscription. You can’t beat customer service like that!!
Jamie communicates quickly and you can tell she cares about her customers.

Project Box Monthly said...Aug 18, 2020

Being a thrifty crafter myself, I appreciate the investment each subscriber makes in Project Box Monthly. I want to make sure you get the biggest bang for your buck, each month. Thank you for the opportunity to make it right!

Excellent box!

Aug 02, 2020
Verified Purchase
Nicole M.
2 Reviews
1 Helpful
Subscribed for 2 months

I have really enjoyed this box! The projects are fun and, with the detailed instructions provided, easy to accomplish. The quality of materials provided is also great; you genenerally get enough to make more things when you're thru with that month's craft. I also love that the projects I have tried so far are crafts that are new to me - like etching solar lanterns. It's not something I would have thought to do and yet it turns out to be simple and beautiful.

Canceling box, never again.

Sep 24, 2020
Verified Purchase
Kimberly C.
1 Review
1 Helpful
Subscribed for 3 months

Shares your personal private information with everyone. Non-responsive. Beware.

Project Box Monthly said...Sep 29, 2020

Thank you for your feedback. My apologies for including you in a group email (BCC) to subscribers. In the future, any offers will be sent to subscribers individually. Jaimie

I love Project Box

May 25, 2020
Lyndsey J.
1 Review

Loved my box this month! I do these local in her workshop and they are totally goof proof so I had to try the box for my son and I. And he loved this and had so much fun. Cant wait for our box next month!! Thank you!

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