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Dont Do It

Jan 18, 2021
Elizabeth N.
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Not worth the money. Read any random tarot card reading for free online and you will be more satisfied than you will with this. Not impressive. Very general. Way overpriced.

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Psychic Envy - Tarot Reading Subscription Box said...Jan 18, 2021

Hi Elizabeth responding to your nasty review. I see you ordered the Just My Reading Mailer. We stand behind our readings 100%. Believe it or not someone did spend a significant amount of time preparing your reading specifically for you. We are more than happy to treat unhappy people like you respectfully and are offering you a refund. No bad Karma here. We would be more than happy to refund the order amount less shipping ($24.99). It's our pleasure to let you have your reading at no charge. Understand that today, tomorrow or the next day, the universe had a message to send - sorry you weren't happy about it.

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