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4.7 of 5 stars
Great for our Goldendoodle puppy
by Stu written Mar 19, 2018
This was a great box for a new puppy in the house. Lots of good distractions and things for him to chew on.
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Not Impressed At All
by Morgan written Dec 06, 2017
I am not impressed with this box. I originally choose this box because it offered a variety of toys, which I liked. I have a large dog and other dog boxes have provided toys that are "hard to destroy" and pretty much useless to play with. I appreciate toys that last but not if they aren't even interesting to the dog. But as with all the other boxes, this box sent my large dog useless toys. What is the point of having a "variety" selection if all I am going to get is the same type of toy? I did email the company about my dissatisfaction, but they ignored me. The box isn't worth the money and the customer service isn't worth giving them the money.
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Great Box! Great For Picky Pooches.
by Michelle written Oct 29, 2017
This box is great, good for multiple dogs. I have two little guys and they loved the Pupjoy box. They ate and played with everything in the box. We have done other dog boxes and did not have the same luck. Pupjoy lets you customize so much more than other boxes. This makes a world of difference, a good selection of categories to select from and variety in each.
Very happy!
by MELANIE written Aug 06, 2017
My dog received 3 great, natural snacks and 3 surprisingly durable toys. Highly recommend!
Puppy heaven
by HollyCaverly written Mar 31, 2017
My dog loves this box and so do I! It's a great value and your pup gets to try out new things! I got one rubber toy, one softer toy, 2 bags of treats and a chewy treat. All the products were very good quality!
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by Brittany written Mar 31, 2017
My favorite dog box, I have tried on the cratejoy. I was so impressed with the selection and variety. I cannot wait till next month
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Excellent service and products
by DawnSmith written Mar 29, 2017
I was very pleased with my first pup joy box .. my border collie mix was delighted , Forrest jumped right in grabbed the long lasting chew stick first and then played with the treat toy and loved the cookies . Excellent and personal customer service to make sure I got exactly what was best for my boy . Fast delivery surprised me too, being in Canada it was very quick . 👍👍👍🐶
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It's Puptastic
by Shannon written Mar 12, 2017
I have a french bulldog mix (Mr. Spock) that is picky about treats and pickier about toys (typical frenchie!). We tried barkbox, kai krates, pup crate and pooch perks and Mr. Spock was not very much impressed by the treats in those and I was less than impressed with the toys. Pupjoy though has impressed both of us with products that I trust and with treats that he loves. The treats they send are amazing quality and occasionally are the same treats I pick out for him at the store. He is the kind of dog who will drop a treat and walk away if he doesn't like it, and that hasn't happened with any of choices we've received from pupjoy. The toys are high quality and I haven't received any of the overstuffed toys that rip apart easily like I did with other companies. When we did get one toy that wasn't up to snuff, pupjoy was quick to apologize and quick to offer a replacement. You won't get customer service like this from many places and I really appreciate it. For reference purpose, I am in my late 20s and have had dogs all my life icluding border collies, rough collies, hounds and now Spock. I was a professional dog walker for 3.5 years and have done dog training and rehabilitation. I am also anal about what my dog eats, because he has to stay with limited ingriedents because of his tummy. I 100% can recommend this box to owners with pets requiring special dietary needs. Also, the company also donates $2 dollars from every box to homeless and sheltered pets. I rescued my little guy and cannot explain how much I appreciate a company supporting the well being of dogs. I couldn't be more happy with pupjoy and my pup loves the boxes too. It's worth the extra few bucks to get products you trust and a company that shows through great service that they care about your dog too.
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March 2017 First Box Review (3.5 Stars)
by Kel written Mar 10, 2017
Overall this box was good, and the value was great. So far all three treats have been a hit with my German Shepard, and she loved the beef chew (although it only lasted about 3 hours). The toys are super durable, but she doesn't seem all that interested in either of them. One was a "rope toy" that was fashioned into a person. Every time I try to give it to her she doesn't want it, and the other is a orange rubber can that I can fill with treats. I suspect she'll be into it when I put wet food in it, but as of right now no such luck. She's not typically a fan of rubber, so kings have never been a great success either. Hopefully next month will be better in the toy department, and the treats keep coming! Overall not a bad box, and the value is great. I just wish that they had been toys she would like. :(
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by Cindy written Feb 23, 2017
Best dog box we have tried and we have tried two other services. Great assortment of healthy treats and fun quality toys.
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