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A Christian inspired bath soap subscription box!

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Not worth it!

Dec 01, 2020
Toni A.
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This one was 1 bar of soap, 3 melted hersey kisses and lip balm

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purp-ess box said...Dec 03, 2020

We are sorry you feel this way about this month’s purp-ess box. It seems you must have mistaken your dew drop as a melted Hershey Kiss!? The contents of the box were a soap, a dew drop, a lip balm, a message and two, not three, Hershey Kisses, (almond, to go with the almond theme of the box). The content card that was in your box would reflect these contents. I do apologize if the Hershey Kisses were melted (these were not included in the monetary value of the box, just added for an extra touch). I am hoping to rectify this issue with you as I contacted you privately.


Jan 29, 2019
Jean C.
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Subscribed for 9 days

Received today. Facial toner had leaked all over the box. Soap was ruined. Facial moisturizer smelled bad. All around a bust. 😥

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purp-ess box said...Feb 15, 2019


We do apologize that your goods were damaged in shipping. We do our very best to ensure our boxes are packed up so that our products are delivered in tact.

Once our boxes leave our hands, we have no control over how they are handled.

As for your facial moisturizer smelling ‘bad’, it was made less than one week before you received it, so rancidity was impossible.

If you mean ‘bad’ that you just didn’t like the smell of orange essential oil, that is a personal preference. I am sorry you didn’t like the smell.

We are very disappointed, as you are, that your box was received damaged.

We do want all our subscribers to be completely happy with us. We have refunded...

Haven’t received

Jan 26, 2019
Hello P.
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I saw that the tracking shows the package has been delivered but haven’t received a package?

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purp-ess box said...Feb 12, 2019

Hi Lily,
I am so sorry your first package was somehow lost in the mail. Tracking indicated that it was delivered, however, we went ahead and sent a second box out to you with signature required so that we are sure you receive this one! Hope you love your box.
~ Tamela