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A Christian inspired bath soap subscription box!

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Aug 12, 2018
Susan R.
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I enjoyed my first purp-ess box and am looking forward to the next shipment. I was blessed by the newsletter that was included - a beautiful way to minister to subscribers. Thank you!

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Almost Perfect!

Mar 28, 2017
Cynthia L.
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Being that it's a bath related box, it's difficult to try everything right away. I have smelled it all and tested what I was able to, the lip balm, the soap, the sugar scrub. The bath salt soak is what I've not tried yet, but it smells heavenly and can't wait to get away from the kids long enough to use it!
The lip balm in this month's box was carrot based, like everything else, but rather than tasting like something recognizable, it had a smell. Disregarding the smell, it was soft and malleable, so it wasn't so hard it would take the skin off your lips rather than spread evenly. It doesn't taste like anything, really, at all. It smells like week old McDonald's in the back of the truck...I'm sorry.
The soap is very earthy and you can tell by touching it that it is oil based and will be easy to use. No heavy petting to get suds out of this bar! Smells amazing and my bathroom is all the better for it!
The sugar scrub was by far the best part of this box, that I have tried. I used it in the shower (being careful not to use it near my girly parts for fear of an infection) and could immediately fell the difference. After the sugar dissolves and you rinse it off, there is a softness to your skin that is just amazing! I smell...

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Feb 07, 2017
Janet S.
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I was very happy with this box. I loved learning about the product, and the inspirational message. The scent is a little too strong for my taste, but will definitely order again.

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Jun 27, 2017
Virginia M.
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Great stuff

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Jul 06, 2017
Mindy T.
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I wasn't sure about the scents of the July box but after using the lotion on my face and the soap it was nice. It wasn't overwhelming with scent, but it was still enjoyable. My 9 year old informed me he's been using my soap instead of his body wash and loves it. LOL!

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