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Build your I.Q. with monthly crosswords, word-finds, and sudoku puzzle books.

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Plans as low as $8.00 / month
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  • We'll send your first shipment in 4 days and ship on the 8th of every month after. Subscriptions renew on the 18th of every month.
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Puzzle Books To Keep You Occupied For Hours
Discover the best stress-relieving distraction from your daily routines. Studies have shown that puzzles like crosswords, word-finds, and sudokus can raise your IQ, sharpen your ability to focus, and improve your cognitive abilities.
  • Great gift for puzzle fans!
  • Ideal for keeping elderly minds sharp and active.
  • Perfect for shut-ins and office lunchrooms and receptions.
  • A great way to exercise your brain!
  • Your choice of puzzle types and quantity.


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