A collection of wit, wisdom and insight delivered monthly. Unique note card/tea/gift item included!

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Jul 10, 2019
Rebecca B.
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I had left a negative review due to the fact my welcome shipment had somehow been looked over and hadn’t gone out, as had any other shipment. However that was quickly turned around and quickly. I received both my welcome shipment and first shipment within a week of each other. For those who know me, I review and try subscription services and blog about them. I won’t mention any others but focus on this today.

The idea is cute and well thought out. You get cardboard cutouts with inspiring quotes on them and you’re instructed in the first letter to go out and get a jar. Any jar. And start filling it up with quotes of inspiration to look towards on a bad day.

So the mail comes and there is a beautiful pale yellow envelope with your name typed in script and on the back in a stamp, Quote Jar Curator. Professional, clean, I mean let’s get real here folks this is no Rent The Runway....and you carefully open it to reveal a personalized letter to you in the same script as on the envelope, letter with name and all. Also packed in that envelope is a greeting card, no Hallmark, but a cute simple artsy blank greeting card so once your thoughtful creative juices are flowing you can put pen to paper and write someone a deep letter (or a simple hey, thanks!) So I keep emptying the tightly packed envelope and out falls three different tea bags all...

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Quote Jar Curator said...Jul 02, 2019

Wow Rebecca - thank you so much for the beautiful and well written review! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! You know, you really nailed it with the intent behind Quote Jar Curator. Who doesn't need a little introspective nudge now and then? Thank you again for such a detailed and well stated review!


Simple, Sweet, & So Thoughtful!!

Jul 03, 2019
Stephanie O.
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This is a cute idea. It's exactly what you see that you get. No frills or tons of confetti paper. Simple clean design with great words of wisdom. It's a great idea & carried out well.

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Quote Jar Curator said...Jul 03, 2019

Thank you Stephanie! It means the world to me that you enjoyed it!


Good for my purposes

May 05, 2019
Angela R.
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I would say it could be a tad bit more professional (I.e. the black lines where they mark where to cut shouldn’t be visible), however I’m excited to get more of these as I put quotes I’ve collected on postcards and send to myself so the size of the quotes you get will fit perfectly on the cards.

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Quote Jar Curator said...May 05, 2019

Hi Angela, thank you so much for your review and very helpful feedback! I agree the black lines must not be visible and I'm sorry they were in your shipment! I will be sure to include some bonus quotes in your June shipment.

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