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Random Rosie
The Customized box for your beautiful life! Beauty, Passions, Pets, etc (10% Donated to charity!)

$35.00+ / month

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4.6 of 5 stars
Her personal touch
by Aspen written today
Random Rosie really personalizes your box!!!
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Her personal touch
by Aspen written yesterday
Rosie has impressed me with her boxes!
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Best surprise box ever!
by Anna written Jul 26, 2018
Even my box was beautiful and super useful. It was very decorative and sturdy and on the side was a metal label holder so you could even use it for paperwork. I had a lovely personalized note, some snacks, a great yarn skein, lovely garden tin with dirt and seeds, and so much more. This was so thoughful and beautiful. Very happy I took a chance on this and I will keep them coming! Thank you Random Rosie staff!
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My Favorite Subscription Box!
by Ashley written Jun 28, 2018
I was absolutely thrilled with my box this month! What a treat— everything was beyond great. Thank you, Ms Tara Mae, for the book selection (haven’t read it nor seen the movies, so I’m stoked to dive in!) and the perfect makeup, great toy for my dog, and the cats-as always- love their treats. I love this subscription!!!! The elephant card, with your kind words, was so nice.
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by Kim written Jun 24, 2018
Absolutely loved this box! Received a 6 month subscription as a gift and am going to sign up for more now that it’s done. The personalization and the beautiful boxes the items came in is the icing on the cake. I have put all the boxes to good use around the house. I receive a few subscription boxes but this is by far one of my fav.
Thoughtful and personal
by Larree written Jun 21, 2018
This box has been my favorite of several that I have tried. I got items that were perfect for my lifestyle and interests and it was like opening a gift from a close friend. I also think the value of the products far exceeds the price of the box along with the added convenience of it arriving at my doorstep. Thank you!! I will definitely be recommending this to everyone.
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Random Rosie is my FAV Box!!
by Angela written May 30, 2018
I love the custom curation of this box. They actually read and curate according to my personal wants and likes. I even get a treat for my dog and cats!! I love getting it every month!!
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by Craig written May 29, 2018
So I've never written a review before but this box is AMAZING! The personalisation makes it feel so special and it's obvious a lot of work has been put into choosing the items. I would 100% recommend.
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Box issues
by Ashley written May 26, 2018
I would like to start off by saying how much I adore this box, Tara Mae; butt I was disappointed with the book selection this month. Bob Dole’s memoir isn’t up my alley at all. I would much prefer bestselling novels from recent years (soft cover is fine) or a classic. I’m still going to rate this box 5 stars because everything else was great. I love the snacks you put in there for me (I looove to eat!), and the anklet was beautiful. Other things I delight in that may be useful to know about me (to go along with my original profile when I signed up): I am a huge fan of Star Wars and Game of Thrones, makeup-wise I like deep reds/burgundy colored lipsticks, pretty picture frames... Thank you for all you do, and I am most definitely eagerly awaiting my next shipment!
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Favorite Box
by Angela written May 24, 2018
Random Rosie is personally curated to your tastes. Every month I receive a treat for my dog and cats, a treat for me, and a few items that appeal to my tastes. It's like a present from me to me! Love it!
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