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Problem with product fulfillment

Mar 13, 2021
Carmelita B.
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I've contacted the seller about not receiving the last two boxes of this three box subscription. The only one we received was back in December. January and February never showed up, although shipment tracking reflects label creation for a box in February. The books selected were great for our girls and we were looking forward to receiving more. It just never happened. I'd like a refund of two-thirds the price of the full subscription since I only got one-third of the product.

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Jambo Book Club said...Mar 14, 2021

Jambo, Carmelita! I sent you a more detailed response personally, but I want to apologize publicly here. I started responding to your email on Friday, thought I hit send and walked away from my computer. I didn't realize until I saw your review that I hadn't hit send on my response to you (it was hanging out as a big red draft in my inbox).
It appears that the post office lost track of your February box. My warehouse shipped it in early February. Your March box was shipped a few days ago. I am personally dedicated to making sure every subscriber receives every book they order and I am sending your replacement February box no later than Tuesday. I apologize for having caused you...