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A subscription box from Raven Lake Originals candles=highly fragrant goods to delight your senses!

$25.00+ / month

Subscriber Reviews

5.0 of 5 stars
by Kaylynn written Jun 15, 2018
The candles I received in my subscription box fill the whole room with their wonderful smell!! Best candles I’ve ever lit !
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A must have for anyone who loves candles
by Elizabeth written May 17, 2018
The candles smell fantastic and the labels have a charming antiquity appearance to them, which I find very visually appealing. I haven't actually lit these yet because the scent of the wax is strong on its own. The unlit creme brulee easily fills up my bathroom with a rich, sweet scent, and the wax was poured into a cute pink dish. There was also a cherry tobacco candle that I didn't think I would like but it smells great! There were dried cranberries for potpourri that dont have much of a throw scent, but the visual appeal is nice. A linen tea light and a cute tobacco themed tea light plate were also included in this box. I'll definitely light the candles later on, but for now I'm enjoying just having them around as they are. Cant wait for the next box!
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February Box
by Suzanne written Feb 15, 2018
I just received my first box for February 2018 and I can’t believe the bang for the buck! The assorted sizes and value of the candles are well worth the price. They smell so good, are visually appealing and I’m really pleased.
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A lovely selection
by Arlett written Oct 18, 2017
I was very happy with my first box. The packaging was adorable. The full-size candle had such a fragrant spiced cider scent, it made my entire kitchen and dining room smell nice without even lighting it! The small votive was a nice vanilla and it also came with a cute soft green pumpkin dish with little pumpkin shaped and scented potpourri. Very cute!
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by Rachael written Aug 11, 2017
Just received my second box. I really enjoyed it. The packaging was really cute and the candle/melts smell great. Last month I got two candles, a melt block, and a metal wick cutter. This one was a candle and three melt blocks with a melt warmer. I'm not a huge fan of melts personally. They've always been associated with those overwhelming headache inducing melts you see Walmart to me but I tried it out and it was rather nice. I appreciate the consideration to what season it is. It's so hot here that they were melting from my body heat at 3am when I got home. LOL. And the candle coasters are cute. How'd think of such a thing? Anyway, give it a try if you're looking for a candle sub box. :)
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Absolutely worth it!
by Patti written Jul 08, 2017
Loved the tart warmer and the tarts smell wonderful! Ok plugged it in immediately. Can't wait for next month. Thanks!
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These Scents are amazing!!
by Patti written May 30, 2017
Packaging is beautiful. Personalized note was thoughtful. Can't wait for next box
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Candle subscription one of the best
by Kenny written Apr 07, 2017
This is one of the best subscription boxes that I have purchased. The candles included-two-smelled great, burned well, and filled my house with fragrance. The added accessories, wick trimmers, and cute soaps, were just a bonus!
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