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4.5 of 5 stars
by Karina written 2 months ago
Please cancel my Rebecca mail i don’t whant it anymore
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Rebecca Mail said...
2 months ago
Karina, We will, of course, handle that for you right away. If you have any future needs feel free to reach out to us at
loved the stationary!
by Elesha written 3 months ago
The cards that came in this month's box were so precious. I took them and several from October's box and sent Thanksgiving greeting to family and several close friends. Can't wait for December!
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I love love love My Rebecca Mail
by Rebecca written 3 months ago
This box is full of wonderful items. From things I can wear. Such as scarves to sunglasses and to the cutest socks. Also there are many items to help make your life easier. I love my planner. I use it every day. Always included is a sweet little snack. This month was pumpkin cotton candy. Two of my favorites. Cotton candy and pumpkin. I have never had them together. It was very tasty. I love this subscription. A little gift to myself each month. I always can't wait until it arrives each month.
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A years worth of surprises
by Michele written 3 months ago
In that time I've received deluxe boxes, lip service, mystery buy out boxes. Each purchase is a box full of surprises. However more than that you can feel the love & thoughtfulness that goes into the selection of each item. They are unique, often made solely for Rebecca Mail subscribers. πŸ’ž 🎁
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Love Love Love my Rebecca Mail.
by Rebecca written 3 months ago
This box has it all in one. From beautiful things I can wear, such as adorable socks, to sunglasses to scarves and very cute tote bags. Also items I can use to make my life easier. I use my planner everyday. It also includes many items I can pamper myself with like bath bombs and body butters. And to wrap all of this goodness in one adorable box is always a little unique snack. This month I received pumpkin cotton candy. Two things I love ( pumpkin and cotton candy) but until this month I have never had together. It was very tasty.
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Another box of junk.. glad it's over!
by Anastasia written 3 months ago
This is my third and thankfully final month of this awful subscription box. I think I have kept maybe two items from all three months totaling less than $20. Do not order this terrible box service. I kept a daily planner notepad and that's it.
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Rebecca Mail said...
3 months ago
We are very sorry you did not enjoy your Rebecca Mail. We welcome your feedback and have sent you an email to try to solve the issue. -Rebecca
Pretty Good!
by MAK written 3 months ago
My 11-year-old looked forward to receiving this box each month and always found a few items from each box that she used.
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Not Amazing but Not Bad
by Deena written 4 months ago
I got a cute fall infinity scarf that I like, and golden circular earrings which are cute but probably will not wear them TOO often. The sweet almond brown sugar scrub smells phenomenal. Other than that, the small pumpkin spice latte magnet, the two small pieces of candy, bag of pretzels, and postcards were pretty pointless in my opinion. Sure, I'll eat the food and enjoy it, but I most likely wouldn't buy that magnet for myself and I would never buy or use those postcards, not even for decoration. Overall, this was a neutral one for me.
Love this box, too expensive, though...
by Kristina written 4 months ago
The items feel like you can go to the Dollar Tree to buy. Some feel like $5.00 items, but nothing in the past two months I've received were anywhere near over $5.00 in my opinion... I kept a few items, the wood leaf earrings that you could find at a craft fair for about $5-$8... Rebecca is very nice and her products are very girly, which is nice to receive in the mail. But, I didn't see the need to sub for a 3rd month at $41 total for the box, with all 5 items being $5 or less...
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Monthly pick me up!
by Jensine written 5 months ago
I have been a Rebecca Mail subscriber from the very beginning, and LOVE getting it in my mailbox each month! There's always a delicious snack on top of great useful items I can't wait to use. Keep up the amazing work Rebecca!
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