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Very disappointed :(

Dec 06, 2019
Angela J.
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Subscribed for 9 months

I am extremely disappointed with this subscription. I paid for a full year in March 2019. After several months I came to realize that the box was not meeting my needs and seemed overpriced so I decided to cancel it to keep if from automatically renewing next year. I expected to continue to receive monthly boxes through next February because I paid for it already. However, I have not received any boxes since I cancelled in October. I have emailed Rebecca Mail twice now without a response.

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Gran stuff (no no, not grand)

Apr 15, 2019
Zohar L.
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Subscribed for 6 days

For the last one year I’ve been subscribing to a ‘Cloth and Paper’ a service that is double the price of any stationery subscription I have seen so far but offers triple it’s value. I loved that experience so much that it made me curious about what else was out there.

Rebecca Mail was was highly rated on Crate joy so I went with it. My first box came in yesterday. Excited, I opened it to be frankly - underwhelmed.

I saw a note saying it was themed and sure, art and tastes in art are personal. But the flimsy envelopes, unaligned cards that were not folded correctly leaving one side wider than the other, the generic Stabilo pen all just seemed clumsy and very dated. Reminded me of the cards my gran was sent by her friends. Given the popularity of this service, I will try it for one more month before I take a call on wether I wanna stay or walk. I do have one leg out the door. That pen was really unfortunate. So were the Milano cookies Something i can find at the checkout counter if a 7/11 isn’t what I’d call inspiring.

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Rebecca Mail said...Apr 15, 2019

Hi Zohar,
Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. I am sorry you were underwhelmed with your first box. We do our best to offer a large array of stationary and we license artwork from a wide variety of artists. That being said, we recognize not every box will be loved by everyone so we are grateful that you are willing to give us a second try. Our themes do change from month to month and hopefully, you will find your next box more to your liking.



Nov 25, 2018
Rebecca T.
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Subscribed for 1 month

This was my very first box from Rebecca Mail! One of the items was not even usable; recipe cards that were already filled with text so I couldn’t even write on them. Emailed them to ask how they would like to correct it and waited a whole week but received no response. By then I got sent an automated email to review the box, which I filled out also explaining this mistake. That review didn’t get posted and probably got ignored as my first email did. Gave them a chance and said I’ll wait until they reply to see if I wanted to cancel or not. Ended up cancelling anyway because I was waiting so long (still haven’t gotten an email yet and it’s been about 2 weeks). Not sure if I’m even going to get the next box, which I got charged for while waiting for them to reply to my first email. Sent them another email today but not sure if that will get answered either. Don’t know what else to do at this point so I’m trying to draw them out by leaving this review and letting others know of my bad experience.
As for the other items, the greeting cards were cute and the pen was nice. The rolling pin card holder was broken, but nothing a little glue couldn’t fix. The snack was probably the only thing that was fine - but all that for $20? Not acceptable.

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Jun 15, 2018
Mary H.
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Subscribed for 12 days

With shipping this box cost $41. I got a glass, very cheap earrings, an ounce of honey, a bag of gummy bears, and sparkle nail polish. Oh and a greeting card. Sad.

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Not great for the money

Jun 15, 2018
Tracy M.
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Subscribed for 22 days

Thought this was a waste of money for a pen, pencil and a few note cards.

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