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5.0 of 5 stars
Best Subscription Box
by Caitlin written last year
I love vintage jewelry, I have been subscribed to this subscription box for a few months now and have not been disappointed yet. Every month I get items I love, I can't wait to get my box each month. This box is tailored just to you and they do an amazing job at picking pieces you will love. If you love vintage jewelry this is the best there is!
<3 Redbird Vintage Box
by Carolyn written last year
I have been subscribing to this box for the last 5 months or so. The box is unqiue, individualized work of art sent every month. Everything I loved and was curated just for me. There are many personal touches and the owners take a lot of time working with you... for you to have the best service experience. I highly recommen this box to anyone interested in quality of vintage items.
My Favorite Subscription Box!!
by Lauren written last year
If you're not already subscribing to this box then what the heck are you waiting for?!? I've yet to get a month where I don't like what's in my box! Sarah and Karen do a FANTASTIC job of curating wonderful vintage items that are somehow so personalized to each specific person it's as if they know me! From the perfect 1940's looking brown purse that I'd been scouring the internet to find one just like it, the deco themed cocktail ring, and the most recent box with a beaded cocktail dress that makes me feel like I'm an authentic flapper in the 1920's, this box is amazing!! I plan to stay a subscriber for as long as possible!
Very personalized and wonderful
by Melanie written last year
I practically count down the days until my RedBird Vintage box arrives! I feel like it is extremely well curated to my style and preferences. I get the Lorene box and I am very impressed with it. The clothes have all been my size and style so far, and the jewelry is so unique and special. I highly recommend!
by Tonya written last year
I received my first RedBird Vintage Box today, and I'm not gonna lie...before I opened it, I was a bit nervous, as I'd gotten the "Lorene" ($100) and was really hoping I wouldn't regret spending the money. However, when I saw all my goodies, I was thrilled! I received a few pieces of jewelry, an adorable cat-themed scarf, a skirt, and the cutest black handbag, which looks brand new even though it's a few decades old. It's obvious the stylists took the time to review my profile and choose pieces that fit my style. I'm really impressed and can't wait until next month's shipment!
Lovely Surprise Every Month
by Chloe written last year
I just got my second box and found a beautiful collection of jewelry (and a dress) yet again. I love how they take the time to tailor the box to your preferences. The whole presentation is absolutely lovely.
Best box!!
by Janna written last year
Loved my November box, it was packed with items that were customized to my taste. Love this box!!
by Abigail written last year
RedBird vintage box is a vintage lover's dream! It's like getting a special surprise gift every month! Each box is personalized to your own individual tastes, and Sarah and Karen seem to get it exactly right every time! So far my boxes have been super delightful and perfect just for me!
July Awesome!
by Linda written last year
Loved my July box!!!
by Elizabeth written last year
My first box was PHENOMENAL!!! They have such a good eye for fabulous finds and it was so spot on! There was an adorable pink dress, gorgeous pearl with a cameo and black brooch! I cannot wait for next month!!! Thanks Ladies!
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