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Redbird Vintage Box

Authentic vintage clothing and accessories delivered straight to your door!

$30.00+ $30.00+ / month

Subscriber Reviews

5.0 of 5 stars
by Abigail written 4 months ago
RedBird vintage box is a vintage lover's dream! It's like getting a special surprise gift every month! Each box is personalized to your own individual tastes, and Sarah and Karen seem to get it exactly right every time! So far my boxes have been super delightful and perfect just for me!
July Awesome!
by Linda written 4 months ago
Loved my July box!!!
by Elizabeth written 5 months ago
My first box was PHENOMENAL!!! They have such a good eye for fabulous finds and it was so spot on! There was an adorable pink dress, gorgeous pearl with a cameo and black brooch! I cannot wait for next month!!! Thanks Ladies!
Love It!
by Linda written 5 months ago
I love it when my box arrives. It's so exciting to see what goodies are inside. I love that you pick pieces that match my style and also pieces that I would not necessarily have picked for myself but I love them.
Amazed at how personalized this box is
by Paedia written 5 months ago
I just got my second box and I have loved everything so far. You can tell they really read your profile and try to send you things that you will love. They are also great at communicating with you about what you are looking for each month.
Amazing!!! Unique & uber personalized!
by shannon written 7 months ago
I just got my first box & I'm nothing short of being profoundly in love, probably more in love than I've been with any human in, like, maybe ever! I got a lot, I mean, A FRIGGIN' LOT of subscription boxes... tons of beauty ones, who seem to find out what other beauty boxes are curating for the month & sending the and types of things, down to the colors & shades of makeup. This box has me in complete awe!!! They aloe you to make requests from their online store, they offer add-one, $1-$5 items you can have then toss in the box-- I did my add-one the night before they shipped & I got them same time as my main box. The packaging? Holy hell, stunning, & both of my boxes- the main & the add-on, had the a actual items wrapped with a scarf with a brooch pinned on. They ask very, very specific preference questions is email, & I was seriously stunned with the products in my box... I CAN NOT WAIT for next box!!!!!!!😍
Great vintage finds
by Natalie written 7 months ago
I've gotten 3 boxes so far and I have gotten such lovely, vintage treasures, I really enjoy this sub! Their CS is a +++!
Amazing !!!
by Jessica written 7 months ago
Keep up the quality of your work and the amazing customer service ! Customer for life ! You get me and my style the first try wow !!!
by Jane written 7 months ago
I received my first box and it was perfect. I had requested items for celebrating my 5th anniversary and the box was perfect. The beaded bag was so beyond what I had dreamed of!
by Noemi written 8 months ago
I absolutely love this subscription. I've only received two so far, and the fact that they are so perfectly taylored to you, makes you feel incredible. They're wonderful, unique pieces and I can't wait to upgrade my subscription!